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Fathers Day Gift Ideas He Will Love

Please tell me I am not the only person who scrambles a week before Father’s Day to find the perfect gift? I rounded up some great Fathers day gift ideas he will love in this post – with great options no matter what his interests are.

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

This is my 8th Father’s Day shopping for my husband (and my 30 something time shopping for my own dad…but he always wants a Home Depot gift card, so that’s pretty easy!)

8 years in and I am still no better at planning ahead and ordering gifts early. Add to that the fact that our youngest son has a birthday that lines up with Father’s Day now means I am even less on the ball.

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When it comes to Sam I tend to think he will want something either athletic or for grilling. All things we won’t buy himself year round so I try to listen to those things he mentions throughout the year for his days!

This year I rounded up options that are great for your husband no matter what he is into so be sure to read the descriptions to why I love the items!

Dad and baby girl

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I spend all year rounding up gifts for your whole family here on my blog – so if you are looking for more ideas for the dads in your life, or for anyone else in your life make sure to head to the page below for great finds.


What Men Really Want

This is PG so I am not going to say what you think I will….but I mean…

As a reminder – when I do these gift guides – you know your husband or dad better than anyone. There are seasons in our lives where I have gotten Sam nothing, but just a day to relax and lay by the pool.

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There are also seasons where we have a newborn baby and relaxation doesn’t happen but we can afford the fancy gift. My goal is always to just show my husband and dad that we love them and care about them!

Now on that note – let’s see what I found for this year!

Shop Fathers Day Gifts He Will Love Below

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  1. Slim Airtag Wallet – this is great if you know a man who constantly misplaces his wallet. It is still slim even though it has an AirTag.
  2. Cutting Tool – This funky tool measures any shape for you to be able to cut it exactly. A weird little tool that any handyman will love.
  3. Outdoor Pizza Oven – this has amazing reviews. Your man. can make pizzas outside all year round.
  4. Air Pods – this is common but a great gift none the less. Sam might be getting these this year!
  5. Smoker – Sam has this smoker and it is AMAZING! I can’t say enough good things about it.
  6. Kettle Bell – This kettle bell system goes from 5 to 40 lbs. It is a super space conscious and an affordable way to have this many sizes.
  7. Wayfarers– a classic
  8. Water bottle
  9. Razor – If your husband likes to cut their own hair this is the razor we have and we love it!
  10. APL Tennis shoes – both my husband and I have these and we LOVE them.
  11. Garmin Smart Watch – this is on Sams wish list this year.
  12. Frame TV – we LOVE ours
  13. Blackstone grill – another wish list item from Sam. This flat top grill is all the rage right now.
  14. Joggers
  15. Solo Stove – These are amazing. You get to do the traditional firepit but won’t have the smell of smoke!
  16. Stadium print – a great customizable gift!
  17. Dad hat – perfect for the dad to be!
  18. Pullover
  19. Charging Tray – a great neutral catchall that also charges devices
  20. Golf Bottle Opener – a fun little stocking stuffer idea
  21. Backpack – for the dad who doesn’t want to carry his’ wife’s diaper bag
  22. X Box – this is a higher end item that I would reserve for dad vs the kids
  23. Kiehl’s Cleansing Set

And that is it – 23 items to pick from to wow the dad in your life this year!

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Hopefully you found exactly what the dads in your life want this year in my round up of Fathers Day Gift ideas. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok to see more of my blog posts, and pin the photo below to find this post later.

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