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The Best Gifts for College Girls

The holidays are right around the corner and I always promise myself that I’ll get my shopping started early.  Inevitably, I’m always scrambling the week before Christmas to finish up my holiday gifts even though my gift guides are out in October! I normally focus on gifts for younger kids since my own kids are 10 years old and younger. But, if you have a young adult in your life, specifically, a college girl, you are in luck.  I’ll focus on the best gifts for college girls and help you find something that they will love! 

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gifts for graduates

The best gifts for College Girls

When I’m thinking about what type of gifts to get my loved ones, I always try to think of practical gifts.  At the same time, I want what I buy to be a fun gift, so it has to be both practical and fun.  One great way to find the ideal gift is to think about the person you are buying for and who they are to you. I know that sounds obvious, but nowadays, we are so busy that often, people will go the gift card route.  

Of course that is not wrong at all! I love a good gift card and I feel like the older you get, especially high school and college kids, you end up wanting gift cards.  One of my favorite parts about gift giving is seeing the expression of the person receiving your gift.  

natural pie of gifts

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As an added bonus, it is always extra special when the person receiving your gift didn’t even know they wanted it until they had it.  So if you go the gift card route, you could include a gift card to a new restaurant that just opened in town as the perfect way to blend originality and practicality.

pink ornament tables cape

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Before you buy a gift, another great idea is to not only think about the person, but think about what would benefit that specific person.  For college aged kids, maybe they are heading off to school for the first time as a college-bound student or perhaps they are a recent college-graduate. 

 Both of these individuals are at a cross road in their life and would benefit from something entirely different.  For example, for those busy college students, a gift that would make their life easier (like a portable charger) is a great option, whereas, the recent college grad would probably love something that is more sentimental, such as a nice frame for their diploma.

Colorful Christmas tree and built ins

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Considerations when Buying Gifts for College Girls

While thinking about the person and what would benefit them, you should also consider these other questions before picking out the perfect gift.  What are their hobbies? Do they have something that they would like to learn more about or are they already an expert in a field and would like to add to their collection? 

Do they have any Amazon wish lists? As a side note, wishlists are my favorite.  While they take the originality out of the gift, you know you are giving something that your best friend actually wants. What about those young ladies that seem to have everything or say they want nothing.  

While I like to think about the wants and needs of each person I give presents to, it never fails to have someone in my family (usually me) say “I don’t want anything” or “I just buy what I want all year, so I’m good.”  In those instances, you have someone who you may need to get creative with and think outside the box.  For the person who has everything, I always like to think of a charity that is near to their heart.  

If they are an animal lover, a donation in their name to an animal shelter may be a good idea.  Another special gift may be spending time with that person.  You could plan a day of activities and spend a long day together making memories doing all the things you both love. 

merry and bright kitchen decor

My picks for Best Gifts for College Girls

Before you buy that perfect Christmas gift for the young lady in your life, I hope you keep those gift giving essential questions in your mind.  Below are some of my best gift ideas for college aged ladies to have an amazing Christmas morning, birthday, or whatever they are celebrating! 

gifts for graduates

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Beauty Favorites

Listen, it has been a long time since my college years. If I think back (way back), I can remember my college life:  late night study sessions, my college dorm and later college apartment, walking around campus, and all my college friends. The holidays during college were always met with a ton of stress and anxiety for me as I finished final exams and would drive home waiting on my grades to come out.  

By the time Christmas rolled around I would need some major relaxation.  I would definitely fall into the beauty and fashion obsessed category as a great gift idea for college-aged Arin (and mom-aged Arin too) to de-stress those final exam anxieties.  

Revlon Round Brush

These beauty and fashion items are great Christmas gift ideas for those young women in your life who just finished up exams.  A fun scrunchie set, a new hot brush volumizer and dryer, and new wet brush are great for girls who value hair care.  

For the young women who love skincare, I always recommend a great face mask! One of my favorite face masks is Beauty Counter’s Charcoal Face Mask!  It takes out all those stress acne bumps from exams and soothes it while balancing your skin.  Once those stress bumps are gone, a new set of make-up brushes is always ideal.  

Why wash your last set, when you can be gifted a brand new set. While carefully putting on your makeup, an essential gift for a college dorm room is a portable travel makeup mirror.  You can take this mirror back and forth from the dorm room to home.  

Fashion Favorites

For the winter months, there is nothing I love more than my Ugg slippers.  They are on the more expensive side of gifts, but if you have other family members shopping maybe you can go in together for this gift.  While they are expensive, they do last forever. My ugg slippers are going on….well, since my college days, and they still look brand new.  

These make a great Christmas gift for their longevity alone.  During the holiday season, I also find myself wearing more comfortable clothes. I’m not sure if it is with all the extra calories I end up eating that my pants feel tighter in general, or if I just feel less inclined to get dressed up because I’m so tired from all the holiday festivities. 

amazon lounge suit

Either way, a great new lounge set is another option for a useful gift idea.  The lounge set looks comfortable and yet, it is put together.  Comfy doesn’t mean sloppy.  The best thing is these come in many different colors too! If you have a fashionista in your life, this is a great option for her to be comfortable on those late nights studying.     

Tech-Savvy Gifts

As much as I love beauty and fashion finds, I love technology more.  For the most part, technology just makes my life easier and better.  Yes, it can be aggravating at times when your computer freezes or slows down, but for the most part, I’d be lost without all my gadgets.  Technology for a college student is a must.  Think of all the devices they use on a daily basis to complete their school work.  Any gift from this list would be a big hit.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you get that dreaded phone notification saying you only have 20% of battery left.  I’ll put my phone in battery saving mode and pray that I can make it to my charger before my cell phone crashes.  

anker charger

Back in my college days, we didn’t have portable chargers.  I would have loved to have one, if only for the safety aspect!  Airpods are another popular Christmas gift idea for a college young lady.  I spent lots of time listening to music walking across campus and re-listening to lectures before finals.  A college student needs Airpods if only to drown out their snoring roommate too. 

This next gift idea may not be a need but it is definitely a want! One of the coolest gift ideas I’ve seen for documenting all your fun college days is this portable phone tripod.  It can fit around bicycles or branches and is stable on the floor or a desk.  It can capture those fun memories spent with friends.  

phone stand

Just be careful about what you post on social media!  Another great gift idea are blue light glasses that can help keep your sleep in check after spending a long time on all your devices.  Your eyes will thank you after a long study session.

Of course when we think of technology we also think of Ipads, laptops, an Apple watch, and all the expensive devices.  Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily feasible to gift someone an Apple watch and if you can, do you want to be my friend too? If you are looking for a great fitness tracker that can track heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, women’s health (okay, it can track your period) and can play music (like the Apple watch), this fitness watch from AmazFit is a popular brand making headlines for it’s low price tag and high quality design.  

air pods

Lastly, my most favorite, most useful, and likely to be most used item for the foreseeable future is the Amazon Echo Dot.  I have one in each room in our home.  We use it from setting timers for our kids, cooking alarms, playing music, and as an intercom between rooms.  Now, I know this is a guide for college girls, but here me out.  The Echo Dot is so universal you’re teenage girl in your life can use it well into her young adult life.

Dorm Essentials

Beauty products and technology are all fun gifts, but what if you need something that is more practical and useful for college life? A great quality backpack will help you through your entire college years and even onto graduate school.  You could also opt for a nice laptop case, which would pair well with the backpack. 

After Christmas we begin a new year and I’m always on the hunt for a quality planner.  I know many people use their phones and have everything electronic in today’s age.  But, I love my paper planner, and it would be a fantastic gift for a young woman.  

hershell backpack

A great desk organizer and lap desk are also practical options for college aged young ladies.  With more classes becoming online classes, a lap desk is a great option. It is something I would never think to buy for myself, but I would use it daily. 

Do you remember your dorm room back during your college days? We didn’t have a lot of fun options, but nowadays you see so much fun dorm decor.  Some thoughtful gift ideas include getting decor for your college student’s dorm or college apartment. These light up string lights are not only fun, but they also have photo clips to hang all your college memories.  

I would have loved to have these up in my dorm. Speaking of things I wish I had in my college dorm, I can’t stop staring at this mini pink fridge. Not only is it functional and practical, but it is stylish and fun.  What college girl wouldn’t want this mini fridge for their space? 

Pink Mini Fridge

Outside The Box

Practical gifts are always a big hit in my book because they are items I generally need and will use on a daily basis.  On the other hand, I also like gifts that I would never in a million years buy for myself because I just don’t need them but I most certainly would love to have.  

Monthly subscription services are great gifts for college girls.  There are a ton of options for subscription packages and it allows the person to try out several different goods or items within the subscription service.  Amazon has a great option for college care packages that are delivered monthly and contain different snacks, school supplies, and games. 

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I hope this helps you get some great ideas for popular Christmas gifts for the college girls in your life. Whichever gift you chose to give, know that the person receiving it is so fortunate to have a friend or family member like you in their life to think of them during the holiday season.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, and follow me on Instagram @arinsolange for more home, decor, and DIY. 

gifts for graduates

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