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Best gifts for a 6 Year Old Girl

Last week I rounded off the last of my boy gift guides with a gift guide for 6 year old boys.  As I stated in that guide I really think most of these would be great for any child between 5-10 but since I have a 6 year old I geared it directly towards that.  So to finish off gift guides for kids this year I have the best gifts for a 6 year old girl ready for you! Be sure to sign up for my emails at the end of this and I will send you out an email next week with all of the gift guides handy for you to shop for your whole family, and in the mean time if you’re looking for another age group, hit the ‘gift guides’ category tag and you will find them all!

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Best Gifts for a 6 year old girl

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  1. Karaoke microphone  
  2. Doll Highchair – I love how simple this one is, but still fun and bright for her to love
  3. Scooter
  4. Bead set – great for quiet fun!
  5. Doll Stroller – this stroller is such great quality and pretty large.  My kids love it ( you can see it in use here for size reference.)
  6. Barbie
  7. Fawn design mini – I LOVE this bag for Avé.  She uses it for everything (most recently a dance bag).
  8. Bike – Avé has this one and I Love it!
  9. Polly Pocket
  10. This little bean bag chair is so cute I think I will get one for my older two this year.  It is light pink which is hard to see in photo.
  11. Wireless headphones
  12. Legos
  13. Swell bottle 
  14. Tablet – this one is affordable with great safety features!!
  15. Unicorn popper
  16. Rainbow purse – my daughter has this and gets so many compliments
  17. Polaroid Camera – again my daughter has this one and its been SO much fun
  18. Hair bows
  19. Caboodle – how fun is that these are back??
  20. Jump Rope

I love to get my kids a couple of truly fun toys but really love things that encourage them to get outside and play or be creative, as well as more useful items (i.e. caboodle and hair bows), so I hope you find some inspiration this coming holiday season or for birthdays!





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