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Best Gifts for Baby Boy

Chugging right along in this years gift guides!  Today we have the best gifts for baby boy.  Babies are so fun to shop for but can be kin of overwhelming.  My advice is to always get a few great NOW items and one or two that they can use later.  In case you haven’t been following along there will be gift guides live this week for everyone in your family, and I will be sure to compile them all in one place and send out an email when they are done, so be sure to subscribe for emails in the side bar!

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baby boy gift guide

Best Gifts for Baby Boy

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  1. I have talked about this ride on cow before, but we have had it since Jacks first birthday and I LOVE it.
  2. Teether
  3. Walker + busy board
  4. Board Books – these are my favorite
  5. Anywhere Chair – we are obsessed with these.  All my kids have gotten one on their first birthday.
  6. Sensory balls
  7. Muslin quilt – we are obsessed with these
  8. Spinners – perfect entertainment while out and about. Just stick them to a window or table and play!
  9. Tummy time water mat
  10. This is my favorite toy for the baby age!
  11. Frog Prince ball
  12. These blocks are amazing for babies!
  13. I am getting this for my youngest this year.  A great way to burn off energy inside
  14. Cuddle and Kind dolls. If you’re short on time, check out Cuddle and Kind on Amazon!
  15. Ring Stacker
  16. Moped rockeralternate linked here
  17. Paci clip
  18. Silicone and wood teether
  19. Plush blue bird
  20. Stacker toy
  21. Scooter that grows with your child. We will be getting Walker this one this year.
  22. Frog Mini – If you’re short on time, check out Slumberkins on Amazon.
  23. Push car.  Avé had this in pink and its a LIFE SAVER if your kid doesn’t love strollers!
  24. Silks – great for imaginative play
  25. Wooden Pounder Tower
  26. Montessori Mushroom

Again be sure to be looking for the rest of the gift guides, and if you’re looking for more ideas check out this post which would be great for some smaller ideas, and this post that has LOTS more amazing gifts for baby boys!

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baby boy gift guide

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