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Affordable Toddler Girl Fall Fashion

Last years Toddler girl fashion post was such a hit with you guys that I have been so excited to do another.  I LOVE dressing Avé in clothes that I won’t see all of her peers in, so really pride myself on finding affordable toddler girl fall fashion from unique places.  I think if you mix and match and add the right accessories, you can create such fun outfits on a great budget.

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Styling The Pieces

I will totally admit that Avé has more “stuff” than my boys, but I am also not the blogger with hundreds of bows and such.  I try to buy some fun accessories and layering pieces that can switch up her closet easily without breaking the bank.  I have added bows and clips to this post that are really affordable (and all bows are from my favorite bow shop – so I can attest to their quality!).  

I think if you do some fun patterns on dresses and shirts, plain cardigans, and fun tights you can make a million outfits with way less clothes.  I try not to spend a ton on tights or leggings because they are something that will likely not be passed down due to getting ruined. 

As the season goes on I will add to this post with some fun pictures of how I style and dress Avé,  but its a little early right now to make the poor girl put on sweaters and layered clothes in this heat.  Happy shopping, and I hope you find some great unique pieces for your sweet girl!

affordable toddler girl fall fashion


Affordable Toddler Girl Fall Fashion

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  1. Rainbows are the big thing right now for little girls – this sweater is so dang cute and such a fun way to make her happy and you happy all at once!
  2. A great utility jacket for layering.
  3.  These converse are one of my go to pairs of shoes every year for Avé – they are easy for her to put on, and the leather makes them easy to keep clean!
  4. Hair clips are super on trend right now – these are affordable and the bonus is mom can use them too!
  5. Obsessed with these pajamas – they are super affordable and come in SO many colors. 
  6. Leather Bows – Avé can be seen wearing these on my Instagram all the time.  I like that she can’t get them as dirty at school and they are such a fun fall accessory. 
  7. This sweater comes in several colors and is so fun and cute!
  8. The same sweater as #7 but in a different color and variety.
  9. Jeans – If you’re going to do jeans, how fun is the hem on this pair?  Plus when you do a fun hem like this they last longer because can be worn shorter!
  10. Pair this jumper over several colors or prints for different outfits!
  11. Ribbed Pajamas – these are so cute too and come in several colors for such a steal.
  12. Motto leggings – I got these for both of my girls this year and I love them
  13. These Mary Janes are a bit more of an investment than some but Avé has had them in red for 2 years and they still fit and are in great condition.  A really good option for school or church!
  14. Little Ruffle neck dress
  15. Hot pink bow – I love the idea of doing neon pink with some of the neutrals or animal prints in the fall.
  16. I just got these for Avé in pink (only because this color was sold out in her size) and I LOVE them!
  17. Straw bag – this bag is adorable and a fun way to accessorize. 
  18. I have seen so many little girls in this dress – comes in several colors and is such a deal!
  19. Knee High Socks
  20. These felt wide brim hats are super in right now, and the hot pink is SO FUN. 
  21. Daisy dress – this will transition well through the warmer fall to cooler temps with a sweater or jacket!
  22. Denim jumper – aka the most versatile outfit for a toddler girl.  
  23. Hunter Boots – okay these are clearly an investment, BUT they truly do not wear down and can be passed down or resold.  I always make sure Avé has at least one pair to wear in the gross fall weather.  (as a suggestion – plain black/green/navy are great if you have both genders because they go with everything and can be worn by all siblings!)
  24. Felt wide brim hat in a more neutral color
  25. These cheetah leggings are such a great quality for the price
  26. Simple blush dress
  27. Unique set thats perfect for the warmer fall days!
  28. These tennis shoes are some of our favorites for Avé
  29. Ribbed tights – these are my favorite for cooler temps.
  30. Mustard cardigan – this one comes in SO MANY COLORS
  31. Plaid bow – If you have a daughter that wears uniforms I love that this shop offers lots of prints that match uniforms.
  32. Black SPARKLY Hunter boots. 

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If you have any questions let me know in the comments below, and happy fall shopping!


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