Best Halloween Books for Toddlers

Halloween is just around the corner – which means that holiday decorating is in full force.  I recently talked about how much I love to use children’s books as decor in this post, so it seemed only appropriate to do a post on the best Halloween books for toddlers.  

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Halloween Book Nook with best toddler halloween books

Halloween Books for Kids

When we did this DIY book nook I had visions of making a fun space for the kids each holiday, so I was really excited for this first holiday to come around!  I will link to all the fun decor on the post, and be sure to enter on Instagram for a banner to create your own book nook.

I am all about finding books that my kids will love and that will change up what we are reading or looking at on a daily basis for the holidays, but also finds that are pretty enough to have on display.  It is shockingly not that hard because books can double as such pretty decor. 

For Halloween I found so many books that I love and plan to add some each year to our collection by including them in our spooky baskets.

book nook with Halloween books and decor

Displaying your Halloween Books

I have fun book storage in our playroom, the kids rooms, and in our main part of our house, so have found ways to make having pretty books part of our decor.  

If that is something that interests you, be sure to check out the blog post below with decorative book storage!

Creative ways to store kids books

Now onto those fun Halloween books for kids and toddlers – I am sure you will fall in love with a few!

Best Halloween Books for Toddlers

Best Halloween Books for Toddlers – Round Up 1

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16 

  1. 5 Black cats – this is a board book for those of you with younger kids!
  2. Olivia – this is actually not really Halloween themed but a fun year round book you can get and it will look pretty with your other Halloween books 
  3. Skeletons are not spooky 
  4. The Scariest Book Ever!
  5. Duck and Goose find a Pumpkin – we have had this book for 7+ years and love it! 
  6. Gilbert the Ghost – this is my kids favorite Halloween Book!
  7. How to Make Friends with a Ghost
  8. Eek Halloween
  9. Ghosts in the House
  10. Bonaparte Falls Apart
  11. Skulls
  12. Duck and Goose – Honk Quack Boo
  13. Vampirina Ballerina – this is my daughters favorite! 
  14. Halloween ABC – a simple Halloween board book 
  15. Spooky Pooky – these have been our favorite books with kids 
  16. 5 Little Ghosts

This second round up was harder to find.  I rounded up books from deep in the archives of the internet to find 16 more unique picks for your kids!

Halloween books for kids

Best Halloween Books for Kids – Round up 2

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16

  1. The Little Kitten
  2. B is for Boo 
  3. Ghost afraid of the Dark
  4. Ghost stories
  5. Dem Bones
  6. Pick a Pumpkin
  7. Bony-legs
  8. A Ghost that Didn’t like to be Scary
  9. Gustavo – The Shy Ghost
  10. The Halloween Kid
  11. In the Haunted House
  12. 10 Trick or Treaters
  13. One Black Cat
  14. Skeleton Hiccups
  15. Don’t Push the Button
  16. A World Full of Spooky Stories

There is a good mix of board books and non board books in these round ups and we own most of them.  When it comes to using them as display, I try to stick to a similar color scheme, but then I keep a basket of the other holiday books for the kids in the basement (think ones with the buttons that make noise and such) for them to enjoy too! 

Our Halloween Book Display

Hallway book nook with Halloween Boos

We took down all our year round books for these Halloween books in our upstairs reading nook.  I incorporated a couple pieces of decor and a few pieces of printable art on the shelves as well, and hung some fun banners.  

Halloween Book Shelves

Grab the Free Printable Art Here.

One of my favorite ways to really add to an area during the holidays is these fun banners from Glitter Party Co.  

I have used them for so many occasions and they really are the best!  Then I added some cute little bats, and changed out my pillows to something that matches (they are sewn by me so I don’t have a link).  Last I added this ghost pillow that the kids LOVE, and it was set.  

I love that it adds a little area of decor on the main floor that is totally geared towards the kids.


(pillow is sold out so similar linked here)


Halloween Book nook

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If you have any questions on Halloween Books for kids, please feel free to leave me a comment below, and make sure you check out the rest of my book posts HERE, and Halloween Posts HERE. You can also always find me on Instagram and shoot me a DM (@arinsolange).

Best Halloween Books for Toddlers

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