Fun Kids Halloween Hair Styles

Nothing better than fun holiday themed hair, especially with little ones, so this past week a group of friends and I teamed up to create some fun looks.  I have a little video to show you mine, but will be sharing several fun kids Halloween hair styles with links to the ladies who created them if you have questions. 

Fun Kids Halloween Hair Styles

Holiday hair can be as easy as adding in simple accessories to a normal hair which is basically what I did, but you can also get really creative and do full on Halloween hair.  Adding spray, bones, spiders, and other fun things to your normal hair styles will turn everyday hair into Halloween hair!

Spider Bubble Braids

This was my Halloween hairstyle.  I did a take on THIS hairstyle with a great video in slower motion.  The difference is that this time I went up from the back.  Check out the video below.

Toddler with spider rings in her hair for halloween hair

spider ring piggy bun hair

Halloween hair for toddler

Halloween Piggy Bun hair with spiders

Wild Crimped Hair

Stephanie from Lovetheprosas and Tonya from Mountains.and.magnolias both did these fun takes on crimped hair.  How fun would these be for so many costume themes??  Lion, Witch, and so many more!!  Check them out on Instagram for highlighted tutorials or to ask them questions!!

Fun halloween crimped hair

Crimped Halloween Hair

Lovetheprosas fun take on the crimped hair!

Halloween crimped hair

Mountains.and.Magnolias fun take on the crimped hair!

Cat Ear Hair

My friend Julie created this adorable kitty ear hair that is seriously SO DANG CUTE for Halloween!! check her out on Instagram – positivelypearson to see how!

Kitty Eear halloween hair style

Cat ear Halloween Hair

Moon and Star Halloween Hair

My friend Stephanie from Stephaniehannablog created this gorgeous look.  It would be amazing for a fun Halloween party and to go with so many themes!! Check out her Instagram to see how she created it.

Halloween themed little girls hair


Hopefully this gives you amazing inspiration for your own fun Halloween hair this Halloween season.  be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots of holiday fun this year, and pin the post below to find these styles for later!

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Fun Spooky Halloween hair

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