Unique Toddler Boy Fall Clothes

With two little boys – fall toddler boy clothes is definitely on my radar every year.  Jack is now in uniforms, so my go to is shopping for Walker and finding all the great toddler finds. Below you will find a round up of my favorite options for boys this year, as well as great tips when it comes to shopping for boys!.  

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Fall Toddler Boy Clothes

I find that shopping for boys can be just as fun as it is shopping for girls, I just have to be more picky!

 I seriously always forget how many boy mama’s are reading and following, because you guys were EXCITED for this post.  I try really hard to find unique finds that aren’t from the normal big stores for the most part so you can pair these pieces with Target finds and such.

Lots of what you will see in this post is from Amazon, because what is better than clothing that comes via Prime??  

What to Look for in Boys Clothes

When it comes to shopping for boys – I tend to think doing a sort of ‘capsule’ wardrobe is easier. If you don’t know what that is – it is basically buying only mix and match pieces for your wardrobe.

Maybe 7 bottoms and 10 tops that can all mix and match.

Boys clothes can all sort of coordinate in an easy way because their colors tend to be in a smaller color pallet, so it is a great way to save on space and money.

The round up below is all mix and match and a great way to get solids and prints all for the season.

Toddler Boy Fall Outfits

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  1. Puffy Vest – I am a huge fan of vests like this for boys – first off my boys run hot so sometimes this can work instead of a jacket in the fall, and it’s a great way to change the look of their other clothes.
  2. Truck sweatshirt – this comes in a few prints but I know my boys would love it.
  3. 3 pack raglan shirts – I LOVE this style shirt on toddler boys.
  4. Pants with a print – I actually gravitate towards prints like this for my boys and solid tops more than prints on their tops.
  5. Dinosaur version – if you are going with a capsule wardrobe this pair is better because I leaned towards clothes that would match with green and navy.
  6. Cognac sweater – definitely grabbing this for Walker for family pictures
  7. Green hunter boots – hands down the biggest thing I would say is invest in hunter boots. They last forever and can be passed down to any kid/ any gender.
  8. Sweatsuit – these are darling
  9. This is my favorite style hat on my boys. I feel like its a fool proof way to keep their ears covered.
  10. Green pajamas – hands down my favorite pajamas. I have them in several colors for my boys.
  11. Initial hat – loving this green. My boys have the red and navy and I love them. USE CODE ARIN20 for 20% off your purchase!
  12. Ski goggle pom pom beanie
  13. Color block socks – LOVE these. I feel like fun socks are hard to find for boys.
  14. Green Tennis shoes – Walker got these last year and they have been my favorite tennis shoes for my boys. I love that they match everything and can be dressed up due to the color.
  15. I sound like a broken record, but I swear if you were to do 3 pairs of shoes this fall get all three. I have owned this pair for 5+ years and they remain a HUGE favorite.
  16. Mitten Set
  17. Collared Shirt – would be great for family photos!
  18. Two pack of sweat pants – we have these for my boys and both colors are so cute on. The cognac color is so unique and fun!

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Hopefully this helped you find some great fall toddler boy clothes, and you feel like you have better direction when shopping. If you have any questions reach out via the comments below. Follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok! Be sure to pin the image below for later!

Toddler Boy Fall Outfits
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  1. Your post has entirely different clothes when you open your post then the cover picture? I would love links for the clothes on the cover photo, especially the rainbow sweater.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      I update the post yearly because most clothes do not stay in stock – I roll over anything that remains available.