Cricut Joy Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving

How many of you are looking for the best gift for the crafty person in your life? Or is that person you? The Cricut Joy is seriously the gift that keeps on giving and the perfect gift this holiday season.

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Cricut Joy Holiday Gift

Useful Holiday Gifts

I am a mom of 4, so when it comes to holiday gifts – I tend to want useful and practical, but honestly…you still want something fun too. With little ones running around I don’t get a ton of time to myself, so I love finding items that can fill my cup but also help us out.

Cricut joy accessories being wrapped

I got my first Cricut about 5 years ago for Christmas and was soooo excited. I am a crafter through and through, but I also really wanted something that could help me with really useful things as a young mom.

I love a ‘perfect’ organized and labeled home, but buying things on Etsy a the time was so out of our budget, so I was excited to be able to create those things on my own.

What I have used my Cricut for

Over the years I swear I could give you 1 million examples on things I have used my Cricut for, but I will list a few below – because honestly the options are so endless.

diy gift tags

Things I have done around the House:

Fun Personal Uses:

  • I have created more shirts than I can even think of.
  • Created pillows
  • Created gift tags, cards, and so much more!
  • Labeled everything the kids need for school.
  • So many Halloween costumes

My Newest Love – The Cricut Joy

This year my love for Cricut grew when I got the Cricut Joy. I had been wanting to try the Joy, and was so excited to be given the opportunity. I have been asked so many times on my Instagram stories why I love the Cricut Joy and which machine to get if it is your first one.

That is honestly a bit of a hard question, because it does depend a bit on what you are wanting to create. The size of the Joy is both full of endless possibilities, but also does come with some holdbacks – clearly you aren’t making large squares.

Cricut Joy in front of Christmas tree

That said – I Personally find myself grabbing my Joy more often due to its convenient size that makes it so easy for me to get out in a minutes notice.

I also am OBSESSED with the Smart Vinyl and the bluetooth technology. When I want to do a small project I don’t second guess it because it is so convenient.

wrapping Cricut accessories

What Else to Get your Cricut Lover?

So maybe you already have a Cricut, or the person you are buying for does. Or maybe you’re looking for additional things to ask for so you feel totally ready to tackle any projects.

I wanted to list some other items I recommend gifting with your Cricut Joy this year!

  1. Easy Press – if you think you will be doing much in terms of fabric I highly recommend the heat press – I just got one a couple of months ago, and it is a game changer in terms of making those items seamless.
  2. The Essential tool set will give them everything they need to get started with their projects.
  3. Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl
  4. Cricut Joy Transfer Tape
  5. Cricut Joy Smart Iron on

Add all of these items with your Joy for a perfect holiday gift bundle – or this is a great way to give multiple people the option to gift you the gift of creativity at your finger tips.

wrapping Christmas presents

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Hopefully this helped you solidify how great the Cricut Joy will be as a holiday gift this year. If you have any questions on the machine, or if the Joy is the right choice for you be sure to leave me a comment below. If you aren’t already following me on Instagram (@arinsolange) be sure to follow along to see more creativity using your Cricut Joy.

Give the gift of the Cricut Joy

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