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Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas for Stylish Homes

Pedestal sinks can be SO pretty, but can we please talk about the fact that in the bathroom we basically always need storage? I am rounding up all the best pedestal sink storage ideas in this blog post to help you stay organized with the functionality of a pedestal sink.

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Pink Pedestal Sink Bathroom
Find the tutorial and details for this bathroom here

Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

We recently moved into a new to us house, and after a good four years without a pedestal sink….we are again the proud owners of one. My husband, Sam and I are currently renovating and updating an 1860’s home in a quaint area of St. Louis – but that means some interesting sized rooms and spaces.

Our main floor powder room is one of those ‘strange’ spaces. When we purchased the home it was a full bath, but we renovated it to be smaller…which isn’t the normal move by someone, but we needed the space for our kitchen. Due to reducing the space the logical answer was a pedestal sink.

Pink bathroom with Pedestal Sink

I have found that that pedestal sinks pose the biggest issue with storage..no one wants to have guests in a bathroom without extra TP.

Stylish Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

There are several different options for how to add storage into your bathroom with a pedestal sink – but you sometimes have to get creative to have enough storage for everything you should have.

Those needs also change based on what kind of bathroom you are stocking. If your pedestal sink is a full bath that you use for daily getting ready you will need more storage than if it is a powder room for guest bathroom.

Pedestal Sink Organization Ideas

What to think about in terms of storage

The obvious call is a toilet paper, but there are other things that I think should be in a bathroom especially if anyone other than yourself is going to use the bathroom. Below is a good list of things to start your thinking on what you might want stored in the space so you can gauge your storage needs.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • extra soap
  • an extra hand towel
  • pouporie
  • air freshener

Again, these are [mostly] all optional things to keep in a space guests would use, but might get you thinking.

Pedestal Sink in Bathroom
This gorgeous bathroom can be found here.

Pedestal sink Storage Ideas – Open Shelving

One option for adding storage into many bathrooms is to add some floating shelves. Luckily, right now that is a pretty on trend way to decorate, and it gives you the counter top space you are lacking due to the pedestal sink.

If you add floating shelves, naturally integrate decor with useful items onto shelves like I did below, For us we used a small basket to hold feminine hygiene products and a little jar with matches that added some useful yet decorative aspects.

Be sure when adding the shelves they are in a place where you or your guests won’t hit their head or shoulders.

Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas – Medicine Cabinet

Another great option that is especially great for anyone with a tiny space is to add a medicine cabinet. Our 150 year old house had medicine cabinets in all of the bathrooms due to the small sizes, and in most of the bathrooms we are choosing to keep some variation on those cabinets.

When it comes to small spaces it is especially important to utilize unused space that would otherwise be completely wasted.

This is an especially helpful way to store beauty products, and small bathroom items while retaining a very clean look. I have rounded up several of my favorite more stylish medicine cabinets in this post because they have been on our list for a while.

In our guest bathroom we opted to do this mirror instead of the medicine cabinet – but have found that to be really helpful as well. It adds a level of storage without being so hard to install and find for the space.

Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas – Wall Cabinets

Another option that I think can be tricky in execution (in terms of making it look great and be pretty) is a wall cabinet. The perk to something like this is it can add substantial storage space for things like cleaning supplies.

pink fluted wall

Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas – Small Solutions

Another option for organizing your small bathroom is to add some smaller aspects that combined will give you most of the storage you might need.

1 – Toilet Paper Stacker: This can be a great solution for adding extra rolls of toilet paper. You can actually have one that both stores extra toilet paper and works as your normal toilet paper holder in one. Dual purpose is always helpful if the room is small.

2 – Wicker Basket – our guest bathroom has a TINY vanity and because of that there is no room for towels. We have tackled that issue with a lidded basket to hold all of our towels. It works great, and looks great at the same time.

3 – Door Hooks and Organizers – Bathroom door hooks are super great and important for storing towels and such when guests come if it is a full bathroom, but an extra option is to leave a hook and have something like this with hair brushes and hair tools that you can bring out if guests are coming.

If it is a bathroom you use daily, although it isn’t always the perfect solution in terms of beauty, you can also add something like this hanging organizer for bathroom storage too. This would take the place of everything that normally goes in drawers and gives you great vertical space with easy access.

Natural Wood Shelf with decor in bathroom

My Favorite Items for Pedestal sink Storage Ideas

Below are my favorite pedestal sink organization items that you can find all on Amazon. Although organizing a room with work is important, it is impossible to keep a space looking and functioning well without the right items to help you.

The items below are wonderful and affordable but if you want to find other great Amazon items for your house you can check out these posts, or my Amazon store front!

Pedestal sink organization ideas

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Shop my Favorites Below

  1. Floating Shelves – In my opinion this is one of the best ways to keep things organized and pretty all at once.
  2. Stylish Medicine Cabinet – Probably one of the oldest ways to add extra storage in a small space. This one from Amazon is a great option.
  3. Tik Tak Toe TP Storage – This is such a fun way to add toilet paper storage and decor to your bathroom.
  4. Double toilet paper holder – this toilet paper holder is adhesive and gorgeous. If you don’t have a lot of room it is a great way to make sure there is always a second roll in the bathroom.
  5. Small Seagrass baskets – these are great for holding things like feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and other such items.
  6. Over the door organizer – Another great way to add storage. If your bathroom is a guest bathroom then keep this empty for when guests come.
  7. Adhesive hooks – you could add these hooks to the wall or even to the side of the sink itself.
  8. Toilet paper storage holder
  9. Pharmacy mirror – we have this in our guest bathroom and it is amazing. Adds an extra shelf for storage of soaps and such or toothbrushes when guests are here, but is simple and easily hung.
  10. Small Storage basket
  11. Large lidded basket – like I said earlier in this post, we love using a basket like this for towels.

Hopefully you found the perfect items for your bathroom!

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Hopefully you found some great pedestal sink organization ideas in this post and feel ready to tackle the bathroom and keep it clutter free and pretty! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) for more fun and inspiration.

Pedestal sink organization ideas

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