Favorite Products for 8 Month Olds & Goldie Update

Our sweet Goldie Mae is 8 months old and getting bigger and sweet by the day.  I think if you look back on these posts you will see me say “I can’t believe I am writing this” each time.  I wish I could slow down time.  This post has all her 8 month updates and my favorite products for 8 month olds.

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Favorite Products for 8 Month Olds

I have been tracking everything we have been using and loving with Goldie every month. It has been such a fun way show you whats ‘worth the splurge’ or where to save.  With the posts – it is important to note that even if an item no longer makes the ‘favorites’ it may not be because we don’t use it anymore – sometimes it’s just that it isn’t a top favorite because of her age. 

Before I get to all of those favorite products I will give you a little update on our girl, and how she’s doing!

baby girl with honey bear slumberkins

8 Month Goldie Mae Update

Goldie girl is getting so big and chatty these days!! She is sitting up on her own really well, and rolling all over in her crib (which is an excellent way to avoid naps incase you didn’t know). 

She is chatty like no ones business.  She smiles all the time, and has recently started laughing SO HARD ALL THE TIME. She used to be kind of a tough cookie to crack, but especially Jack can get her really laughing. 

baby girl in Serena and Lily Chair

She loves to eat, and although we have to take things slow thanks to her egg allergy, has taken to pasta, olives, and veggies as finger foods and loves them all!  

We are hoping to test her eating peanut butter this next week to check that off the list, then attempt dairy.  Having an allergy during this crazy time in our world has made things so much trickier. 

sisters in Slumberins shirts

She is definitely FULL OF STRANGER DANGER, which breaks my heart – I feel like we were trapped inside due to the flu season, then literally right after crap hit the fan, so she just hasn’t really been around anyone.  I am hoping it’s something we can work through, but I know it will be a reality for so many babies this age! 

Other than that, she is great! She is SUCH A JOY, and truly makes our world go round.  The fact that she is our last baby has me sad because she is just so amazing, but I also am loving knowing she is going to just remain the baby.  I feel like I have soaked every moment in with her as best I can!

favorite items for an 8 month olds

Shop 8 Month Items

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  1. Drying rack for bottles (and wine glasses lol)
  2. Baby bath seat
  3. Favorite Pacifiers
  4. Teethers – these tethers have been by far my favorite for both my younger two kids!
  5. This pool float is a GAME CHANGER – see the image above!
  6. Our carseat – we love this carseat.  It is so light and I LOVE the shade that pulls down so you don’t need a carseat cover!
  7. Headbands – these remain my favorite – they don’t dent her head (wearing them in the pictures)
  8. Mustela Shampoo – we are still using this for cradle cap 
  9. Veer Stroller wagon – we just grabbed this toddler seat for it and cant wait to use it!
  10. Aquaphor lotion – the best for dry skin
  11. Pacifier clip!
  12. Sound machine – this sound machine is seriously a MUST HAVE.  You can control it fro your phone and it’s seriously just amazing.
  13. Bottles – we have used these with all 4 kids and I swear by them.
  14. Freshly Picked Diaper bag – I have a review here and I LOVE IT.
  15. Boppy baby carrier – this is by far the best structured carrier ever
  16. Pack-n-play – we have owned so many over the years and switched to this one recently.  I can’t believe how easily it sets up, which is exactly what I wanted so we could move it around the house easily!
  17. The snack cup – 1 piece and love it
  18. Walker – we got this with our third (coincidently named Walker).  It is great for use all over the house.  It has safe wheels, and I use it a lot as more of a travel jumper because I can take it outside easily. It folds flat which is amazing!
  19. Crinkle Book – Goldie is obsessed with this!
  20. This highchair – I linked a different one the past few months.  I truly love both, and we owned both, but I ultimately decided to keep this one over the other – I have a comparison review coming
  21. Jumper – We love this jumper for Goldie – I love that it isn’t super bulky and ugly, and she loves it
  22. Slumberkins – OBSESSED WITH THESE, and Goldie is loving hers
  23. This glowworm – I’ve talked about this a few times, but honestly it’s the ugliest, but best item ever!
  24. Mattress – this mattress is seriously SO NICE

8 month old baby girl

Hopefully this helps you find some great items that your baby will love too!  Be sure to check out the previous monthly favorites too before you go!

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If you have any questions on my favorite items for 8 month olds leave me a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram.  I love connecting with you all on social, so I hope you pop by to say hi!

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favorite items for an 8 month olds

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