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Boy’s Nursery Amazon Finds

As promised last week when I shared my Girls nursery finds from Amazon, I have my Boy’s Nursery Amazon finds post ready.  You will see quite a bit of crossover between this post and the girls nursery finds room post because I love finding great gender neutral items you can use in all your kids rooms.  

This post was done originally on 4/22/19 and has since been updated with a second round up on 6/7/20.

This Boy’s Nursery Amazon Finds post contains affiliate links.

Photo of boys nursery with amazon rug

Boy’s Amazon Nursery Finds

Finding decor from Amazon is one of my absolute favorite things.  To me it’s like going to Home Goods, finding those hidden gems, but without the hassle of wasted trips where you found nothing you wanted.  

Personally, when I did my son Walker’s Nursery (above) I went super neutral, and loved the idea of simple finds – which is exactly what Amazon is good for.  The rug shown above if from Amazon and  is now in a shared bedroom for both of my boys and has continued to be a great, neutral piece.

Photo of boys nursery with finds from amazon

When it comes to finding pieces for your nursery, I always tend to think about what I will use the longest and the most and spend the most there, then trickle down.  So if you don’t think yo will use the changing pad and cover for long, don’t go big on that expense.  

If you are looking for other Amazon decor finds I have several linked here, along with so many Amazon fashion posts for kids.  You have to really sift through things to find items from Amazon that are worth the purchase, but I have done the heavy lifting in these cases, and have dug up some really great finds. 

Now onto these great finds!!

Round up of Boy's Nursery Amazon Finds


Boy’s Nursery Amazon Finds – Round up 1

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  | 6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  | 11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15  | 16  |  17  |  18  |  19

  1. Wall tapestry – these are so cute and versatile.  I love that you can hang this over the crib and its not a heavy item that will hurt the baby if it falls.
  2. Throw Pillow – I love this mod cloth idea from Amazon
  3. Rug – This is the rug I have in my youngest son’s nursery (see here) and we love it!
  4. Leather Pouf – this is a great idea for a chair ottoman – we did a gold version in my daughters room and she loves to use it as a bean bag now. 
  5. Boppy Cover
  6. Floor lamp
  7. Faux plant – I love this faux fiddle leaf (also shown in the girls round up)
  8. Frame – I searched high and low for an inexpensive big frame for my sons room and ended up with this one (see how I used it here).
  9. Animal head wall hook – I have this in my oldest sons room
  10. Hanging number basket – this is by far one of the best selling items from my blog (first seen here) – it would be so cute over the changing table or with books in it.
  11. Simple striped sheet
  12. Belly Basket
  13. White and Wood crib – a great price and love that it has a unique flair
  14. Light Fixture
  15. Changing pad basket – This was on the girls room post too.  I think this would be so cute in a nursery for changing on the dresser or floor!
  16. Black Crib
  17. Grey buffalo check crib sheet
  18. Small Plant – I think adding greenery in a nursery is a must
  19. Nook Sleep Mattress – If you are looking for a mattress I personally think its a good place to splurge and this one has amazing reviews.

The picture frame below with the large buffalo print in it is from Amazon.  I personally picked it due to the plexiglass based on where it was at, and am so glad I did, because we later moved it over my sons bed as a toddler, and since it was on Amazon it was really easy for me to grab another to go over my older sons bed.

 For me that is one of the biggest perks of Amazon, that I can grab another years later and many time they are still available

More Finds 

The above round up has been so well received and loved that I wanted to add another to this post to give you more ideas, and a bit of an updated round up.  The round up below is meant to be able to be a one click nursery.  

You will have to add a few things, but if you combine most items from the two round ups you could have your nursery fully completed!

Animal themed nursery decor for boys from Amazon

Shop Amazon Nursery for Boys Round up 2 Below

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15

  1. Lidded wicker end table – this is perfect to sit next to your chair in the nursery to store blankets, stuffed animals or whatever you need.  Babies come with a lot of stuff, so more storage is never a bad thing. 
  2. Framed animal canvas – this comes in SO MANY ANIMAL VERSIONS, such a good way to add a fun little pop to the nursery.
  3. Animal head hooks – these hooks are great.  I love adding hooks to my walls to hang things like wraps and ring slings or even swaddles for decor!
  4. Small baskets – these are so cute.  You could use them as a diaper caddy on your dresser or to organize small things. 
  5. Ladder – I LOVE this ladder – such an affordable dupe on the one from Anthropoligie and a great way to display blankets or just add simple decor to a wall.
  6. Swaddle – I am a sucker for solids for boys and this solid swaddle comes in several other colors.
  7. Pillow – I LOVE this pillow.  Simple and Neutral but will add great texture.
  8. Floor lamp – a good floor lamp is so great by your chair, and this is a great modern look.
  9. Lion Face pillow – I saw this and instantly fell in love. Such a fun take on an animal pillow that is still modern and fun.
  10. Felt Animal head – this comes in several versions but I LOVE this Zebra and it is great and affordable.
  11. Basket – I love this unique basket and the tiny pops of orange are such a fun way to add just a little color to the room.
  12. Cactus blanket – such a gorgeous find that looks so high end.
  13. Diamond Pillow – this is gorgeous for a boys space.  The colors are amazing and I wish I had found it for my last sons nursery.
  14. Faux Snake Plant – I am a big person on adding a little greenery to all rooms.  I love this version because it won’t take up too much room
  15. This crib is CRAZY affordable and so gorgeous and modern.  It is a convertible option so if you’re looking of a great affordable crib that will last check this one out!


boys nursery dresser and changing mat

Hopefully you found some great finds for your baby’s nursery in these round ups , and if you didn’t, be sure to check out the posts below with more amazing items that can all be delivered in an instant thanks to that trusted site!

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The twin beds in this post are also a FAVORITE Amazon find, and I did a full review of them here!

If you have any questions always feel free to leave me a comment below, or reach out to me via Instagram, I always love chatting with you guys (@arinsolange).


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