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Affordable Amazon Home Finds – 2

This is the second Affordable Amazon Home Finds post that I have done.  Its a highly requested, and well loved post on both fronts, so I am excited to continue digging deep into the pages on Amazon to find you gorgeous, unique items for your home!

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Amazon Home Finds on shelving

Affordable Amazon Home Finds

This post was seriously inspired by realizing how many McGee and Co items had amazing dupes on Amazon for a fraction of the cost.

 I love everything Studio Mcgee sells or put their hands on, so to find such great dupes of items – like I am talking nearly exact replicas is amazing!  This is a great way to have a home that looks high end bt saving money on some of the smaller items.

Pillows and decor - modern and bright

I think sometimes people think that everything in your house has to be designer to be gorgeous, and that is simply not the case.  With 4 little ones, I more often than not skip the pricey and go for affordable on items those little hands can touch.

No one would be any the wiser with the items in this post!!

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home decor from Amazon


Natural and Neutral Amazon Home Finds

Amazon Home Decor


Now – onto this round up.   I am sure you will be able to tell from the round up that I love neutrals.  I mean I love color too…but I love natural decor.  This round up has lots of nods to McGee and Co with soft naturals, and I honestly want every item!

round up of amazon home finds

Amazon Home Finds – Shop Items Below

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1.Rattan Headboard – Rattan is really in right now, and this is SUCH a fun way to add it to a bedroom!

2. Small decorative vases – these have a good amount of texture to them, which would make them gorgeous on built in shelving!

3. White Chairs – these are a great Serena and Lily knock off.  I love white chairs for kitchens.  In fact we have the ones in the first round up.

4. Ladder – this is the BEST dupe of a Mcgee and Co item I have seen in a while. I actually think I will grab this for our home.

5. Pillow – I love the added pom poms to this gorgeous neutral option

6. Planter – I think I am going to grab this in black and terracota for some of our larger floor plants.

7. Small Decorative Pitcher

8. Hanging baskets 

9. Olive Tree – I have my eyes on this one.  Olive trees are really ‘in’ right now – so definitely worth checking out!

10 Large Round black mirror – I love simple mirrors.  This is a great price and its gorgeous.

11. Small rug

12. Chairs – these are gorgeous.  They are the highest price on this round up, but they are still a really great deal and absolutely gorgeous.

13. Plant and planter – I again love the texture to this one.

14. Towel Rack

15. Clay pitcher

16. Coffee Table book – this one is really affordable with a gorgeous cover.

17. Magazine rack

18. White Vases

19. Black Candle Sticks

20. Terracota Bowl

21. Large Herringbone jute rug – I love this one and its SO AFFORDABLE

table and chairs

All of these finds from this round up are such great deals for what they are, and the perk of getting items like this, is that you won’t have the same thing as everyone else.

Often times I have readers or followers who think that you have to spend a lot of money to get more unique items, but thats really not the case.  Especially on smaller decorative items.

These items will keep your decor looking unique and on trend without being the same thing that everyone else has from Target. (but don’t worry… of course I still love Target!)

Amazon finds in a bathroom

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round up of amazon home finds
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