Patio Hacks for a More Enjoyable Summer

It is that time of year where we all live outside.  I am here with 5 patio hacks for summer that will make your time outside more enjoyable, less stressful, and will keep you outside enjoying your backyard so much more!

This post was sponsored by Hoffmann Brothers – thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog!  If you are in the St. Louis area and looking for someone to help you get your home inside or out ready for summer they are my go to call.  They can help you with so many of these hacks below to make your summer more enjoyable.

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Patio Hacks for Summer

How many of you do more living outside than you do inside in the summer?  We have 4 little ones and spend most of our time outside…and if you know me very well then you know I have to do everything under the sun to make life more pleasant out there. 

Over the past few years we have been slowly adding some convince hacks that make life more simple in our outdoor space, and have big plans to continue that over the next year or so…because after all – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I am going to give you 5 hacks in this post for making your patio and outdoor space more enjoyable as you go into the summer in this post..but if you have ideas I haven’t thought of be sure to leave me a comment!

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1. Add a Ceiling Fan

If you have a deck that you like to sit under, or any kind of covered porch – adding a ceiling fan is an easy way to make your patio more enjoyable and keep you sitting out there on even the hottest days.

I am adding a found up of some lighting and ceiling fan options for your outdoor space to this post – but if you are in the St. Louis area I also wanted to tell you about a great resource for getting that fan hung and installed.  

Hoffmann Brothers is a great resource for installing or adding the electrical for your ceiling fan outside.  I am also going to be sharing down below some great options for those ceiling fans or outdoor lights!

2. Get your Lawn Sprayed for Mosquitos

If you live in the midwest like I do mosquitos can truly steal the joy of being outside in the summer.  I am all for going as natural as I can, but we also have chosen for the past 2 years to get our lawn sprayed each season for mosquitos and it has made life so much more enjoyable.

Most of the time you can call and get that done one time and call it a day – so if you are struggling with this, I would suggest calling your local bug sprayer and most have the option.  

amores on the back patio

3. Choose the Right Plants

On the note of mosquitos  – filling your planters and pots with the right plants can make a world of difference for your outdoor life.  Here are a few options for plants to choose to make your patio space more enjoyable and pest free!

 Citronella and Lavender – Repel Mosquitos naturally

Lavender and many of your herbs – repel flies 

Eucalyptus – add this to the mix, with many of your others above and it will help keep wasps away

There are so many other options when it comes to plants that help keep pests at bay, so be sure to do some research based on what is heavy in your area.

4.  Install a Gas line

Do you love to grill, or do you have a gas powered fire pit?  We built our past home and that was one of my favorite things we did – we added a gas line to the outdoor area for our grill so we no longer had to fill up tanks.

Lets just say that before that – more than once we were prepping to grill for company and realized we didn’t have gas on hand.  It encouraged us to grill so much more often and was such a sanity saver!

Hoffmann Brothers in St. Louis can easily come out and install that gas grill line for you and save you the trouble of filling your tanks for the rest of time! 

wine and smores outside

5. Make Things Well Lit

On the note of ceiling fans – having lighting is also so important.  I think half the fun of enjoying your patio and outdoor area is heading out after the sun has gone down for a glass of wine.  

Whether its having your wall sconces changed out to be more modern, or adding a electrical plugin so you can add some twinkle lights, having good lighting will totally elevate your space.  

This is again something that Hoffmann can do for you if you are looking to have electrical installed – I am not a fan of having cords willy nilly, so I tend to think adding a good plugin in a well placed area will serve you for years both in terms of the summer (and many times again for your Christmas lights in the winter!).

front porch with blue rug and terra-cotta planters

Fun Lights and Fans for Your Outdoor Space

If you are feeling inspired to update the lighting and add a ceiling fan to your outdoor space I rounded up some of my favorite options below for you to get your outdoor space in tip top shape!

outdoor lighting and fans round up

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

  1. 3 blade chrome fan
  2. Black fan – I love this style of ceiling fan
  3. galvanized scones – I am obsessed with the idea of these if you have a farmhouse vibe
  4. Lantern sconces
  5. 3 blade matte black fan
  6.  bronze sconces
  7. Black rectangular sconce
  8. Another similar one – but with 2 lights
  9. I love these pretty black sconces
  10. This ceiling fan comes in so many colors ways and is so fun
  11. String lights 
  12. Double fan – if you have a larger outdoor space this option is so great!

If you have any questions on these hacks – or have more hacks for making your outdoor space more enjoyable be sure to leave me a comment below.  I am going to share a few decor hacks that will get your patio in tip top shape for summer on a budget too.  

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