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Amazon Boy’s Room Finds

Who else is a fan of Amazon decor?  If you have been around for very long on my blog then you know it’s a go to for me when it comes to items for my home.  I rounded up Amazon Boy’s room finds today, and love that there is such a huge variety of items that won’t be in ever other room you see! 

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Amazon Boy’s Room Finds

boys room with 2 beds and neutral decor from Amazon

As a mama of 2 boys I know that decorating a boys room can sometimes feel tricker than a girls room.  I have 2 of each and feel like at this point I can say that with some certainty.  There isn’t as big of a variety on the market in stores, so sometimes you can feel stifled.

I personally tend to lean towards a pretty clean, modern look when I decorate with a splash of farmhouse.  But I am also a HUGE supporter in decorate your home for YOU.  Don’t follow a style, just make it so that you love it, and so that you can live in the space and enjoy it.

Boys bedroom with buddy's bedding and green wall

Amazon for Home Decor

I am personally a big fan of using Amazon when I’m finishing decorating spaces, but with so much to sift through its a bit overwhelming.  I have loved finding unique find for basically every room of my house, and have so many blog posts on the matter that you can find below. 

I think one common misconception is that nothing on Amazon is high quality, which just isn’t the case.  Sometimes you will spend just as much or more on Amazon, but you will also many times find a great deal on just what you wanted. 

Affordable Amazon Home Decor 

Amazon Girl’s Room Finds

Amazon Girl’s Nursery

Amazon Boy’s Nursery


Neutral nursery with pops of greenery

Rug in post shown above in Walker’s Nursery

Below is a round up of my favorite items from Amazon. I will also link to some rooms that may give you further Inso at the bottom. 

amazon boys room finds collage

Amazon Boy’s Room Finds

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  1. I think this trash can would be a fun unique way to store blankets or stuffed animals!
  2. Globe nightlight
  3. Ikea Book ledges – See how I styled these in Jack’s room
  4. Belly Basket
  5. Hanging bins – these would be fun for so many things.  Duplo legos, or books to name a couple.
  6. Animal Head hooks – I have one like this in Jacks room as decor over the book ledge!
  7. Pouf – also linked here.
  8. Love these neutral sheets
  9. Swiss cross pillow
  10. Muslin quilt
  11. rope basket – I love how indestructible and neutral these are! I have linked a similar one since the one in the image is no longer available!
  12. Obsessed with this metal bed and its such a great buy!
  13. Rug – this is one of my most asked about decor items (I have it in Walkers room and love it!)
  14. Bull picture – similar to Jacks room
  15. Cactus light
  16. Giraffe lamp – this was also on my girls room post because I love how neutral it is!


Once you’re done on this post, be sure to check out this shared boy’s room I created with some great Amazon finds for most of the major decor!  

Do you like to shop on Amazon?  If you don’t ever look their for the finishing touches for decor, hopefully this will spark your curiosity to start!!  I share these posts and so many other Amazon finds on Instagram frequently, so be sure to follow me there so you don’t miss any other Amazon finds, and pin the post below for later!

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amazon boys room finds collage





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