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Baby and Toddler Beach Must Haves

Packing up to hit the beach with kids is no easy task!! My kids could live at the beach if I let them, so I decided to round up all of my favorite items for when we hit the beach in this baby beach must-haves post!

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baby boy on the beach on gathre mat with Logan and lenora bag

Baby boy here is sitting on Gathre mat with the bag in the graphic!

Packing up for the beach is so much work! Add kids and babies into the mix and it doesn’t get any easier.  I have 4 kids, and we head to the beach a few times a year, so I feel like I have truly mastered the art of what to take (and what not to take) over time.

I tried to include some options that are more compact for if you are flying, as well as options that are even more desirable if you are driving and have a bit more space.  

Baby and toddler beach must haves

Beach trips are a bit more complicated if you are flying, but a little hack I learned a couple of years ago when we hit the beach for just a few hours on a short trip to California.

If you aren’t going to be spending a ton of time on the beach, but want to still help your kids enjoy the time. Have only the essentials.  Take the bag, small towel, and the little sand brush, and if you can possibly fit the gathre mat in your suitcase make it work ( you will thank me!). Then go to the dollar store and grab a couple of spoons and disposable pie dishes and such – spend less than $5 and use those items instead of shovels and such.  That way your kids can play but you aren’t wasting a lot of money on items you can’t take home. 

That said – if you will be spending more of your trip at the beach, I suggest taking many more of the suggestions below into consideration!!

little girl in yellow swimsuit playing on beach

baby beach favorites collage | Baby and Toddler Beach Must Haves

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Baby Beach Must Haves

  1.  If you don’t own a GoPod for your baby, get one!! It’s been our lifesaver item for 5 years!
  2. A stroller fan to keep the kids cool (this one is battery operated which is what I prefer!) 
  3. Bags for dirty diapers  or trash – but especially diapers!!!
  4. These silicone brushes help so so much in taking the sand off! (if you have a surgical sponge it also works great!)
  5. RePlay snack stackers for snacks
  6. Swell Bottle
  7. Gathre Mat – don’t question it!! this one is amazing!!
  8. Collapsable buckets which will make your trip from the car much happier
  9. Small shammy style towels are a must have. They take up much less room!!
  10. My Beachmate – seriously this thing is amazing.  Shovel holders, the compartments double as buckets, there is a cooler bag.  The fact that you can take everything in ONE TRIP is amazing.
  11. A beach tent is super great for keeping the sun off baby
  12. Baby powder helps get the sand off!
  13. Keenz stroller wagon – I love this one because you can buy beach wheels and there are straps for baby to stay seated!!
  14. Coola sunscreen bar!!
  15. Logan and Lenora bag and wet bags – these are the cutest bags and HUGE.  Size matters in beach bags with kids! haha.

baby and mom on gathre mat at beach | Baby and Toddler Beach Must Haves


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kids in Keenz stroller wagon | Baby and Toddler Beach Must Haves

What do you always pack for the beach?  I would love to hear if there is a fun hack that I haven’t thought of yet! Let me know in the comments below.


Toddler Boy running on beach

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