The Best Brass Pendant Light for your Kitchen

FINALLY I was able to share our kitchen in our new home, and that includes the gorgeous brass pendant light we went with. Because this was the second house where we used brass pendant lights I thought I would round up the best options for your kitchen and some tips for incorporating gold or brass into your home.

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white kitchen with brass pendants

Outfitting our Kitchen with Brass Pendant Lights

This past summer my husband and I purchased an 1860’s home in the heart of a quaint downtown area of St. Louis. We have been renovating the house and enjoying it since, and I am excited to start sharing more decor and projects from this home.

brass pendant light from Amazon
these are seen in the round up as number 5

Today we are going to talk about Kitchen lighting choices, but next week I will also do a full kitchen tour blog post, so be sure to stay tuned for that incase you are looking for more sources on anything from decor, to finishes, all the way down to decor.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out the hashtag #arinsolangehistorichome if you are looking for more photos and details from our home.

white kitchen with brass pendant light

Picking a Brass Pendant Light

Adding brass or gold to your kitchen can be kind of scary, but it is definitely a very ‘in thing’ right now, so I wanted to share some tips on picking the best brass pendant light as well as the rest of your hardware and choices and how that works.

white kitchen with gold lights

One reason I think adding brass via lights in your kitchen can be so great is it is easy to change. So if you are worried about gold or brass not being in long term, it is something you can easily change out without a major kitchen remodel.

Below are a few considerations to make when it comes to making your lighting selection.

Not all Golds/Brass Shades are the Same

Unlike black or chrome/nickel, things get a bit trickier when you start to incorporate shades of gold or brass into your home. You will want to see the items side by side before install, and you may want to pick some mix and match.

You don’t have to match every gold or brass exactly, but you will want to be in the same color family especially if things are very close to each other. One way to cut down on some of that is to order from the same company.

white kitchen with light wood accents

When we did our kitchen in this house the first set of knobs for the upper cabinets were not the same shade and we had to switch to a new knob to get a good match.

Mix and Match

Because of the hard matching issue – and because its 2021 and you can just do what you want, one great option is to mix and match.

In our last home I chose to do black hardware on the cabinets and the faucet but brass for the light fixtures. It was a great affordable way to do things (all of it is linked in this post), and I LOVE the end outcome.

brass vase on counter

Now that said – in this house I wanted a less ‘farmhouse’ look so chose to add more brass while still mixing and matching with the black faucet.

Another thing that can be so scary with gold and brass is the appliances, but again you don’t have to worry about that. Gold and Silver can be mix and matched, so even if that means brass light fixtures and a chrome/nickel faucet and chrome/nickel hardware on the cabinets that is fine too.

I would say your only ‘rule’ is to keep it to 2 finishes between your faucet, hardware and lighting. I wouldn’t tie all 3 together (appliances don’t count).

So now that you know some general things to keep in mind – let’s see my favorite brass pendent light choices!

Brass pendant light options for your kitchen

Shop Brass Pendant Light Options Below

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

  1. Black and Brass – this is gorgeous and so unique
  2. Smaller Brass Pendant Light – here is a smaller option for your kitchen – this would be great if you have several lights needed!
  3. Hammered Brass Pendants – this is super similar to what is in my kitchen.
  4. White ball pendants – these are modern and Art Deco and will seriously look gorgeous in any kitchen.
  5. These are crazy affordable. We used these in our last kitchen.
  6. Love these gorgeous lights. The shape is so unique and pretty.
  7. Double layer – these are super unique and fun as well
  8. White with brass inside – this pendant light is so pretty!!
  9. Large brass pendant – these are stunning and a great option for a big island
  10. Hammered round pendant – this is such a unique option and I LOVE THEM.
  11. Simple cone pendant
  12. This white glass and brass pendant is so pretty!

Hopefully these options were exactly what you were looking for! I always try to hit a good variety of relailers as well as price points pending what you are looking for.

In our last house we knew it wasn’t a long term change, so we did the more affordable option, and in this house we knew it was worth more of a splurge.

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Hopefully you found the perfect brass pendant light for your home after reading this post, and I can’t wait to see how you style them. Be sure to tag me in any photos on Instagram (@arinsolange) to show me your lights, and pin the photo below to find these lights later.

Brass pendant light options for your kitchen
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