Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf For In-Pool Tanning

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If you want to turn your swimming pool into a luxurious oasis, consider adding a sun shelf. This shallow area offers the perfect spot for in-pool lounging and tanning. To find the best chairs for pool sun shelf for in-pool tanning make sure you consider prospects carefully so they best fit your pool and needs.

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Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf For In-Pool Tanning

In our last house, we had an in-ground pool built specifically with a sun shelf to relax on. When we decided to move, a sun shelf wasn’t a make or break in the next pool, but fortunately our new house has one. 

I couldn’t be more excited to enjoy it this summer! If you need help furnishing your sun shelf, read on for a breakdown of some of my favorite loungers.

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Considerations For The Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf

The pool sun shelf is a shallow area of the pool, often found just beyond the steps or as a separate ledge. It’s an excellent location for in-pool furniture that allows pool owners and their guests to relax in the cool water while enjoying direct sunlight.

This is always one of my favorite features of a pool as I can stay cool in the water without being fully submerged.

When considering the addition of chairs to your pool sun shelf, also known as a Baja shelf, there are several important factors to weigh to ensure you make the perfect choice for your swimming pool. 

Before buying chairs for your pool shelf, keep these factors in mind:

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Water Depth

First, ensure that the depth of water of your pool ledge can accommodate your desired pool chair. The depth is crucial since it will determine the type of chairs that can be placed there. 

Typically, the depth on a sun shelf ranges from 6 to 12 inches, which is enough water to keep you cool while lounging.


When selecting lounge chairs for your Baja shelf, consider models like the Signature Chaise Deep or Kai Shelf Loungers, which are designed specifically for in-pool use. 

These chairs should be manufactured from high-quality materials like marine-grade fabric and high-density polyethylene to withstand the pool water chemistry and outdoor elements.

If you opt to put in a regular lounger, you’ll be faced with rust and breakdown due to your pool water’s composition.

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Durability & Maintenance

Outdoor furniture like polywood lounge chairs or ledge chaises should be constructed from durable materials.  These materials, such as 16-rated resin or plastic resin,  can stand up to chlorine pools and the test of time. 

Next, easy maintenance is also key for a hassle-free pool experience. Cleaning can be as simple as a quick wash with a pressure hose.

Safety & Stability

Foremost, ensure that the chairs you choose are designed for use in water and won’t tip over easily. This is especially important if your pool has varying depths, from the shallow Baja step to the deep end.

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Pool Design & Maintenance

The design of your pool is also a factor when choosing chairs.

 Whether you have a custom pool, fiberglass pools, or a new pool with specialty tiles and water features, your furniture should complement the aesthetics and not have sharp edges that could damage the pool.

Remember, the pool furniture will be in direct contact with pool water, so it should not compromise pool maintenance. 

Choose materials that are resistant to pool chemicals and easy to clean. 

If you are ever in doubt, consult with your pool builder or a professional care team to ensure the furniture you select is appropriate for your pool type and design. They can offer valuable insight into the latest trends in in-pool chaise loungers and outdoor chaise lounges that will be the perfect piece for your pool deck.

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Lastly, consider accessories for added comfort.

Accessories can be made with a quick dry foam for ease of cleaning. A chaise headrest pillow or outdoor cushions are great options.

A side table is also a  great addition to your pool ledge for placing drinks, snacks, or even ice bins. Opt for a side table with an umbrella hole if you want the option of additional shade.

Between your chairs and accessories, many suppliers offer a variety of colors and custom options to match your pool area and personal style. 

Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf For In-Pool Tanning with girl next to pool lounger

The Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf

Not every chair for your pool sun shelf is built equally.  To find a quality chair that is both comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and wears well in the water, you’ll need to do some research.

Fortunately, I’ve done the research for you. Here are a few of the best chairs for pool sun shelf for in-pool tanning:

Kai Shelf Loungers

When it comes to in-pool furniture, ledge chaises are a great addition to any sunshelf.

 They are designed specifically for the water depth typical of a pool ledge, ensuring enough water envelops your body to keep you cool while you soak up the sun. 

The Kai Shelf Loungers are a perfect choice in this category. Made from high-density polyethylene, they withstand the harsh pool water environment and strong winds, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

Pros: Durability in harsh pool environments, including resistance to sun, chlorine, and saltwater. Low maintenance requirements. Designed to fit seamlessly on a Baja shelf or tanning ledge. Has built in drink and phone holders.

Cons: May have limited color and design options compared to traditional outdoor furniture. Can be on the pricier side due to the specialized design for in-pool use

Price: $699 per lounger

Kai Shelf Loungers in White

Polywood Lounge Chair

For those who prefer a classic look, the Polywood lounge chair is an excellent alternative. 

Crafted from marine-grade fabric and a material known to stand the test of time, this chair combines elegance with high-quality material.

Pros: Comes in a variety of colors. Can add on matching accessories including cushions and side tables for a complete look. Reasonable price point compared to other pool chairs. Can be used out of the water as well.

Cons: Polywood recommends taking the chairs out of chemically treated water and rinsing with fresh water after each use.
Price: Ranges anywhere from $200-$700 per chair

Polywood Lounge Chair in White

The Signature Chaise Deep

If your pool design includes a deeper Baja step or if you wish to place a chair closer to the deep end without fear of it tipping, the Signature Chaise Deep is the perfect chair to consider. 

It’s crafted to withstand deeper pool water while still providing an extra layer of comfort with its optional chaise headrest pillow.

Pros: Designed specifically for in-pool use on a tanning ledge. Made from durable, long-lasting materials. Has aesthetic appeal that complements your outdoor space

Cons: Expensive compared to standard pool loungers. May require additional weights or anchoring systems. Limited use outside of the pool

Price: $999 per chaise

Ledge Lounger - Signature Chaise Deep in White

Purple Leaf Patio Chaise Lounger

If you are looking for a more affordable option, Purple Leaf’s Patio Chaise Lounger is a great choice. 

Its weather resistant aluminum is crafted to prevent rusting, is UV resistant, and textilene fabric is breathable.

Pros: Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort with adjustable heights. Budget friendly and comes with two loungers and one accessory table. Stackable for easy storage. 

Cons: Pool chemicals may fade fabric.

Price: $219.99

PURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge in Black

Step2 Vero Pool Chair

If you want the ability to lounge without laying down, the Step2 Vero Pool Chair is your choice. It is designed to be weighted (sand not included) to prevent tipping over and floating away. You can put this on your pool ledge or up to water 15 inches deep. 

Pros: Made of resin and marine grade hardware to prevent weather and pool-related breakdown. Ergonomic design with a smaller footprint than a lounger. Easy to clean. 

Cons: In high winds it may require more securing. Accessories such as cup holders and phone holders are sold separately.

Price: $299.99

Step2 Vero Pool Chair in White

Shop The Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf

Check out my favorite pool sun shelf loungers and chairs below! I also included some of my favorite pool accessories to give you a perfect relaxing oasis.

Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf For In-Pool Tanning Round Up

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Kai Shelf Loungers

Kai Shelf Loungers

Kai Side Table with Umbrella Hole

Kai Side Table with Umbrella Hole

Polywood Lounge Chair

Polywood Lounge Chair

Polywood Round Side Table

Polywood Round Side Table

Ledge Lounger - Signature Chaise Deep

Ledge Lounger – Signature Chaise Deep

PURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge

PURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge

Submersible Swim Up Barstool Pool Stool

Submersible Swim Up Barstool Pool Stool

Step2 Vero Pool Chair

Step2 Vero Pool Chair

Headrest Pillow for Patio Chaise Lounge

Headrest Pillow for Patio Chaise Lounge

Arkwright Las Rayas Chaise Lounge Cover

Arkwright Las Rayas Chaise Lounge Cover

Step2 Foldable Adult Flip Seat

Step2 Foldable Adult Flip Seat

Floating Holder for JBL Charge 4

Floating Holder for JBL Charge 4

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Whether you’re planning a new pool or upgrading your existing one, investing in the right in-pool furniture can elevate your pool area from a simple swimming space to a luxurious retreat. With free shipping options often available, it’s now easier than ever to access the perfect chairs for your in-pool tanning needs and to ensure that your pool sun shelf is the highlight of your outdoor living space.

Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf For In-Pool Tanning Round Up

xoxo, Arin
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