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Kids Bathroom Organization from Amazon

An organized bathroom contributes to a smoother functioning of daily life, as it enables easy access to necessities, reduces clutter, and promotes a sense of calm and cleanliness. When redoing the kids’ bathroom in our historic 1800s house, we focused on saving space and maintaining organization. All these space-saving and organizing products are from Amazon.

Kids Bathroom Organization from Amazon

1. Adhesive Curtain Rod Holder

2. Adhesive Toothbrush Holder

3. Adhesive Cups

4. Vanity with Built in Step Stool

5. Over Tub Toy Bin

6. Wall Mount Soap Holder

7. Soap Bottles

8. Adhesive Towel Hook

9. Curtain Rings

10. Over Tank Toilet Paper Holder

11. Storage Toilet Paper Holder

12. Gold Toilet Levers

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kids bathroom organization
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Amazon Travel Must Haves

When it comes to travel, having the right essentials can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Amazon offers a plethora of travel items that can enhance your journey and make your adventures even more memorable. Here are a few must-have travel items from Amazon that you should consider adding to your packing list.

Check off all your travel necessities from this list of Amazon travel must haves.

  1. The Cutest Luggage
  2. Silicone Toothbrush Holder
  3. Glasses/Contact Case Duo
  4. Small Pucks for Toiletries
  5. Luggage Scale
  6. Straps for attaching Luggage
  7. 3-in-1 Charger
  8. Travel Makeup Brushes
  9. Packing cube for shoes
  10. Silicone Covers for Full Size Toiletries
  11. Small Medicine/Jewelry Case
  12. Small Pop Open Case
  13. Magnetic External Charger with Pop Socket
  14. Makeup Bag
  15. Silicone Brush Case
  16. Power Bank
  17. The Best Clear Case
  18. Accessories Organizer
  19. Toothpaste Tablets
  20. 4-in-1 Toiletry Bottle
  21. Headrest Hooks
  22. Collapsible Suitcase
  23. Charger Cord Cube
  24. Laptop Case
  25. Packing Cube with Hanging Organizer
  26. Beauty Blender Case
  27. Travel Junk Drawer

travel must haves

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 travel must haves
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Amazon Coolers for Summer

coolers from Amazon

Whether you’re embarking on a family outing, basking in poolside bliss, or simply enjoying your backyard, these coolers are an absolute necessity. They ensure that all your delectable snacks and refreshing drinks stay perfectly chilled throughout the whole sun-soaked summer season.

Lounge Wagon – This is an investment item, but it is such a lifesaver when we go out to a summer concert or a neighborhood event.

Table Cooler – I love a multi-use item and this one is great if you’re going out for the day with the kids.

Bevpod – If you’re looking to keep just a few cans cool for the afternoon, this cooler is perfection.

Keter Cooler with Pop Up Lid – With the added bonus of a cleverly designed lid that doubles as a functional side table, this cooler elevates your outdoor experience by providing a convenient surface to place drinks, snacks, or even a decorative centerpiece while keeping everything refreshingly cool.

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