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Fall Baby Boy Fashion Favorites

Can you believe its almost fall?  I am equal parts sad to see the summer go, and SO excited for a little cooler temps, and all things fall scent!  Just like all moms, a change in season means filling up kiddos closets, so my friend Navy and I are teaming up to show you our fall fashion favorites for our kids over the next week.  Make sure to check out her post for today at the end of this post, and let me know if you have any questions!  First up for today is my fall baby boy fashion picks!

fall baby boy fashion

Fall Baby Boy Fashion

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  1. I love a simple romper
  2. Hunter boots are amazing for older babies.  love this green color for boys.
  3. This Patagonia is SO SOFT. I bought it for both of my younger two.
  4. Jack is on pair 3 of these boots and they Velcro, work for running around and are still cute.
  5. A great simple one piece
  6. Love a pom beanie
  7. These are some of my favorite pjs! They fit tight and have grips on the feet.
  8. I am a sucker for neutrals for boys if you can’t tell.  I love this simple grey set.
  9. The Northface buntings are a go to for babies for me.
  10. Leather Paci clip
  11. Love this sweet hoodie
  12. I will be getting this one piece for Walker. I love this color on him!
  13. These joggers come in several colors to mix and match with the hoodies from #11
  14. Chambray shirt
  15. I loved these sleepers for Walker as a new baby
  16. Hands down my favorite pants for baby boys.  I get them in every color.
  17. I love stripes on babies on bottom.
  18. If you follow me on Instagram you know I love these for my boy.
  19. Freshly Picked Mocs are always my go to!

I hope you loved these fall baby boy fashion picks, and make sure you head over to Navy’s blog to see baby girl picks! Stop by next week and you can see what I am getting for Avé and Jack to fill their little closets!




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