white Kitchen

My kitchen is one of our most asked about spots in our house!  For those of you who are new to my page – we did our primary renovation with HGTV so some items and choices arent my own, BUT overall love the space and feel so blessed it is ours. 

I am going to link what I can below in the affiliate section of this snapshot, but I will also answer some FAQs while I am at it. 

  • Q: What kind of Counter Tops did you pick?  A: We went with white quartz and have been really happy with them.  They have minimal veining and I feel like we are pretty hard on them and they have held up so well for the past 3 years. 
  • Q: Where did you get your backsplash?  A:  Here is the link to the NAME of the backsplash.  You can then take this info to a contractor or tile store to source the tile.  Kind of a pain but we truly love it.  Ours is the matte white. 
  • Q: Where did you get your lights?  A: Sadly they are custom.  I have a blog post here with some similar options but they are the one custom thing in this house!

I think that pretty much covers the questions I am asked.  Other than that, below are the links to everything in the space!

Kitchen Hardware
Salt and Pepper
Utensil Holder
Kitchen Runner
Counter Stool
xoxo, Arin
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