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Amazon Road Trip Bag for Kids

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Use this guide to have a quick bag of Amazon items ready to occupy the kids at restaurants or on road trips! Use either the large binder zipper bags or smaller pink binder zipper pouches (depending on the size you want and how many activities you have), add the metal rings, and fill with the toys. These are a fun, easy way to keep your kids entertained with screen-free activities on the go!

Quiet Toys for Road Trips + Restaurants

1. Binder Bags– This three-ring large zipper pouch is sturdy and waterproof.

2. Binder Pockets– These are smaller three-ring zipper pouches.

3. Metal Binder Rings– These 2 inch round rings secure the pouches together.

4. Blank Coloring Books– Great option for budding artists who like to use their imagination!

5. Silicone Pencil Holder– Perfect for containing colored pencils and crayons for travel.

6. Crayon Gobbles Fidget Toy– My kids absolutely loves these and they are so much fun!

7. Magnetic People– A favorite in our household and great in so many situations!

8. Crayola Mess-Free Drawing– The ultimate mom hack and is great for on the go art.

9. Large Play Putty– Great alternative to slime! 

10. Small Doodle Board– These drawing boards take up hardly any space. 

11. Small Play Putty– A four pack of smaller-sized thinking putty.

12. Light Weight Magnet Toy– Super fun and a great alternative to magnet tiles!

13. Storage Clipboard– A great way to store paper and crayons.

14. Paint by Sticker Book– Perfect for older kids!

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