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Best Elementary School Backpacks

Last year you all loved the backpack round up I did, so I thought I would round up some favorites this year too.  Avé is headed into Pre-k and Jack into first grade, so I did a good mix of the best elementary school backpacks for boys and girls! I will note  the comments area below which ones we personally have owned, and also want to try something a little different in terms of shopping.  I am going to start doing these posts the same way I have in the past, as well as adding stoppable images below to hopefully making shopping even easier for you all.  I would love feedback from you all on if this is something you would like long term on posts! ( This will also allow me to add in a couple extras that can’t ever be edited quite right for the posts haha!)

For more ideas on backpacks – this post from last year still has lots of options you can still buy!

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Roundup of elementary school backpacks

Best Elementary School Backpacks

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  1. We have owned several of the backpacks little this one from the same store and they are amazing – my favorite thing about them is they come in three sizes pending your Childs age and the straps on the front attach to their lunch boxes. 
  2. People rave about these! A great neutral that supposedly holds up VERY WELL.
  3. LEGO backpack
  4. This is super cute and simple – comes in several colors
  5. This one also comes in several colors and this brand is known for being well made
  6. Same as #2 – people rave about these.
  7. These are well made and come in so many fun prints and colors for a very middle of the road price!
  8. I love the color block look on this one.
  9. This princess backpack is the same brand as #1 and we have the rolling version as a suitcase and love it. 
  10. This backpack is so cute – and would be darling for a Disney world lover. 
  11. This clear backpack comes in 2 colors
  12. Dinosaur backpack – my kids had this brand of bag last year and we loved them. 
  13. This is a fun simple boys backpack
  14. Nothing like a backpack that reminds you of icecream
  15. This is the backpack Avé had last year and will use again this year.  I love the gold and it held up SO SO SO WELL. 
  16. Superhero backpack – same as  #1

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