Pink Bohemian Rugs

Baby girl will be here in 8 weeks or less, and I am JUST NOW really starting her nursery.  I have like 1 aspect planned in my brain and the rest I am having the hardest time committing to this time.  Does anyone else get that way when they are pregnant?  This time I feel so unorganized which is not like me.  ANYWAY, my biggest hold up is the rug.  We will not be in our current home super long term, so I would love for the investment piece to be something we can move. (so not wallpaper).  I have rounded up all the rugs I have been drooling over in my quest for pink bohemian rugs for you to help me pick…or pick one for yourself!

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Pink Bohemian Rugs

When it comes to baby girls nursery I have been eying a few different options, but really wanted something with a classic yet boho feel, and with pink in the rug, but not all pink.  Some of the rugs I have added are maybe slightly more pink than I was looking for, but still rugs I love – IE the all pink one that we already own.  It used to be in Avé’s room, and I think I will move it back there, because I LOVE it.  

round up of pink feminine bohemian rugs

Rugs Linked Below

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  1.  This rug option is super affordable, and I love that it isn’t super pink. I really wanted a rug that just pulled out the pink but wasn’t overly pink for this room!
  2. This rug is also an affordable option!!
  3. Check out all the color combos this rug comes in.  It is more middle of the road on price, and there is one for about any room color you’re doing.
  4. I have this rug in several variations on this round up because I LOVE THEM.  This rug is on the higher end but from what I have heard they are worth every penny.  I Love the coral in this one – it could easily go in another room. 
  5. This rug is the one that used to be in Avé’s room.  We changed it out for a bigger option, but I still prefer this rug over her older one.  
  6. I LOVE this indoor outdoor rug.  The colors are so bright and unique.
  7. This is another higher end option that could literally go in any room.  It is gorgeous. 
  8. I fell in love with this rug, and it reminds one of my front runners.  It is gorgeous and so unique.  I love that it has tiny pops of blush pink but it isn’t too girly. 
  9. My other front runner.  This rug is a high end girly option that would totally grow with a little girl.
  10. Talk about a good knock off.  This one is almost identical to #7 and a fraction of the price!
  11. This one is gorgeous in lighter sweeter colors.  I would love to find a room for this in my home!
  12. Another affordable, and bold option.  I have seen this in a couple of rooms and it is gorgeous. 

Make sure you stay tuned to see what I pick for baby girls room.  I am going to order this week,. and plan to share some more room Inspiration both here and in Instagram stories over the coming weeks! If you’re not signed up for my emails be sure to sign up so you don’t miss the final reveal of baby girl’s room, and I would LOVE to hear your favorite number in the comments!



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