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Best Toddler Girl Gift Ideas

FINALLY…okay those of you reading this might be saying, ‘already?’, but in blog land this has been a long time coming. I finally have my toddler girl gift guide ready for you all.  I will link to some other options at the end, and once all guides are up next week I will make sure to link them all in one place for you all. Be sure to check the gift guide tab for past guides if you’re looking for other ideas in the mean time!! So here we have some great toddler girl gift ideas!

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best toddler girl gifts

 Best Toddler Girl Gift Ideas

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  1. I am all about pretend food, and my kids love this play ice-cream set.
  2. I love getting my daughter bows for holidays.  They are useful but she loves them. These are some of my favorites. 
  3. Obsessed with this cute little doll carrier.  I love nothing more than a pretty toy.
  4. These little critters are so cute and the perfect size for doll houses.  They come in so many cute varieties.
  5. Im obsessed with these couches and need to get my kids one for Christmas. They come in tons of colors!
  6. Avé got this purse for her birthday and it is SO CUTE.
  7. This play kitchen is so cute and a steal compared to its look alikes.
  8. These little lovey’s are SO SOFT. Both Avé and Walker have them and are obsessed.
  9. We got Avé this bike this summer and love it.
  10. Wooden stroller – Also linked on this gift guide.
  11. This luggy is on top of my list for Avé this year – its way too cute not to get.
  12. Little girl with Luggy basket and Dinkhum Doll
  13. These puzzles are our favorite brand.
  14. Avé loves dolls and everything with them – I love this carseat!
  15. American girl Bitty Baby’s are the best dolls, and I love that you can buy so many fun accessories for her as time goes on!
  16. Anywhere chairs are the best!!
  17. Lego sets – the princess ones are so cute.
  18. As always the Cuddle and Kind dolls are a favorite for us!

  1. I Can’t handle how cute this balance bike is!!
  2. Tea Set
  3. This adorable purse basket is SO CUTE.
  4. Table and chairs

I hope you loved this round up of the best toddler girl gift ideas!  Below are linked some other older guides you may be interested in, and be sure to check in daily for further ideas for the rest of your family!


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    1. Oh no I didn’t realize it was sold out. It was from Rose and Rex – they have a cute option this year too!