Poly and Bark Napa Sofa Review from a Mom of Four

After a year of owning our Poly and Bark Napa Sofa it was high time I wrote a review of the sofa for anyone else that is considering it. I know when I was deciding on which sofa to get (and ultimately landed on the Napa) I did SO MUCH research….because let’s face it – buying a couch online is a big decision. Hopefully my review will help you decide if it is right for you!

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mom and baby on Poly and bark napa sofa
(for reference – I am 5 foot 8 inches – so not petite)

Talk about a difficult time in the world getting furniture. Shipping delays and supply chain issues has everything delayed, and a lot of us scrambling to find quality furniture with a quick delivery date. We are currently looking for chairs for our hearth room, and it honestly feels all but impossible!

1 year ago my husband and I purchased a 150 year old home to renovate. Moving in during a pandemic came with LOTS of challenges – one of which was longer than we cared to live with only camping chairs.

We have several rooms to fill with furniture and I really wanted to add leather to our house somewhere – and landing on the Poly and Bark Napa sofa was one of our best furniture decisions. Actually just this past week we did a major furniture swap all over the house, with talk of selling one, and that one was the only one my husband was NOT willing to get rid of.

Living room with Poly and Bark napa Sofa

Poly and Bark Napa Sofa

Last year we had just moved into our current home and the wait time on furniture was INSANE. I loved the idea of a leather sofa, and landed on the Poly and Bark Napa Sofa after countless hours of research and comparing with other similar sofa options.

If you are also in that position I want to talk to you about our experience with the sofa, all the way down to the delivery, and what I learned in my `research on similar sofas.

Puppy on Leather Sofa

Why I chose the Poly and Bark Napa Sofa

Before I talk more about the sofa – my overall review is that the Napa sofa is GORGEOUS and one of my best purchases for this house. I have 4 kids and a large dog (although we didn’t have the dog when we got the sofa) so I was honestly slightly nervous about leather and scratches.

After a year and a 60 lb puppy the sofa has weathered in all the right ways and it just added to the charm! The way leather weathers is loved by me – which is not normally the tune I am speaking after a year with a sofa.

Poly and Bark Leather Sofa

I want to talk about why I landed on the sofa, but I am going to be really honest – delivery date played a HUGE roll in the sofa choice for me. I wanted something that would be to my house quickly because we had sold all our furniture before our move.

I personally purchased our sofa on Amazon (highly recommend this, and will touch on it again later) and from the day I ordered to the day it was delivered was exactly one week. In a world where there were such long wait times on furniture this was HUGE for us.

Poly and Bark Napa Sofa

I also loved the color of the Napa sofa – we went with the cognac tan color, and I felt it looked high compared to some other similar leather sofas.

Last – when looking at a leather sofa, one of the big perks is that leather is timeless. I knew this had the ability to last us for years to come, so I needed something with reviews stating it was comfortable and had high quality cushions that wouldn’t look deflated in a year.

Things to know about the Poly and Bark Napa Sofa

The Napa sofa is a high quality leather sofa upholstered in Napa leather. This means it is a high quality leather that will soften and wear with age. It does also come in a velvet option now which I can not speak to the material on, however the rest of the details will remain the same.

Leather sofa

There are several configurations and sizes available in the Napa sofa including a 88.5 inch length (this is what we own), left-facing sectional, right-facing sectional, and even a chair. Each size is comprised of a wooden frame with a single long cushion that is made of high-density foam over polyester filling. It then has a duck feather topper which makes it soft and comfortable while keeping its support and form.

What to know about the Napa Leather

Napa leather is made of aniline hides which means that each sofa will have its own unique look that is not exactly like another. With that said – when I read that I was kind of nervous thinking it was going to be a bit too rustic for my home. I decorate on the more modern side and didn’t want a cozy country look with this sofa.

Living room with leather sofa

In fact it was smooth and gorgeous and very modern in its coloring. That said I think it would fit well in any style home (which is pretty unique!). Over time the sofa will show scratches and the natural hallmarks of genuine leather that are nothing short of gorgeous. The photo below shows you our sofa – never conditioned after one year with my kids and dog on it all the time.

Where to Buy the Poly and Bark Napa Sofa

I mentioned earlier in this post that I personally chose to purchase my Poly and Bark Napa Sofa from Amazon. I know that seems nuts, right? But it was actually a faster ship date than on their website at the time of ordering for me.

Leather Sofa in Living Room

Both locations however do offer free shipping and offer a free return option, which I think can be huge with ordering something so large online. I would personally: Compare the delivery estimate between the two places, but also just decide which site you’re more comfortable with. For me – I knew I trusted shopping with Amazon, so I went that route.

You really can’t lose when it comes to purchasing the sofa – and it seems as though it will get to you pretty quickly either way.

Caring for your Poly and Bark Napa Sofa

One thing I am asked frequently is how to care for the sofa. Like I said above – due to the kind of leather it weathers well, and the scratches and wear and tear really do add to the look. ( I am not just saying that! ha). That said – I know there may be times that you want to clean the leather a bit.

I have personally used vinegar and water on small spots and that has worked well but you may also want to have this leather conditioner on hand for keeping it looking its best as well.

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Hopefully this Poly and Bark Napa Sofa review has you feeling more confident on if it is the right sofa for you! Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below, or as always you can DM me on Instagram ( @arinsolange).

Poly and Bark Napa Sofa Review
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18 thoughts on “Poly and Bark Napa Sofa Review from a Mom of Four

  1. I read in one review that the back cushions are not reversible…that they sewed brown fabric on the backside of the cushions. Is this true?

  2. One Amazon review stated that spots will not come out and leave stains. It did not sound like you had this problem. The owner tried many different types of spot removers; she did not mention vinegar and water. I really like this sofa and appreciate your review, but I have young grandchildren and having to live with a spotted couch is a no-go for me. Thoughts?

    1. We have had no issues with that – I have a leather cleaner I have used and it works really well. Ours is in the playroom and honestly looks great. I am trying to figure out what spots this person has. I hate to lead you astray – I just haven’t had that issue.

  3. Good afternoon,

    My question is how difficult is it to put together? Does it come in several pieces?

  4. I’m super worried about oil marks if my kids decide to eat on it- like popcorn for movies etc. Do your kids eat on it?

  5. Can you comment on the comfort? We want. Comfy sofa for movie nights! We are looking at the sectional version of your sofa. Thanks!

    1. We LOVE IT. I found it really comfortable. I would say the only thing to note is the height of the back – it is similar to my other sofa so doesn’t bother me but does hit Lower than some

  6. It is obvious you were paid for this write up. It is far off the mark. I bought that a chaise sectional that looks just like this couch – last April. By October, the chaise cushion was flat. I tried everything to fix myself and work with company.Bottom line “it is normal” “it was designed this way” “if you sit in one spot continuously‘ it will flatten.” In other words, this couch is not intended for daily use… Don’t buy this. The tufted cushions become hard as rocks and cannot be fixed.

    1. Hi Sally – I paid for this sofa with my own money and was not paid to write this article. In fact I have never worked with Poly and bark in any capacity. I am sorry you had a different experience with your sofa than I did and I am publishing your comment, despite the hateful assumption that it started with because I do value people getting a full view of something they are planning to buy so now others can consider your comment as well. Have a great day.

    1. it held up so well with our kids and dog! we used leather conditioner on it a couple times and it kept it looking brand new