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It has been a WHILE since I did an Amazon home finds post. One of my favorite things over the years of blogging has been rounding up these fun, unique finds for your home on Amazon, and it was high time we did another.

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leather couch from Amazon

Amazon Home Finds

I think we can all agree that it is becoming easier and easier to find affordable, gorgeous options for updating your home on a budget right? Places like Target and Home Goods have great options almost all of the time.

That said – especially with Target, I don’t love how popular the items tend to be, so it makes keeping your home unique slightly harder. Incorporating Amazon home finds into your decor will keep things unique, and you never have to leave your house to shop.

frame wall with cane chairs from Amazon

Buying Furniture on Amazon

We recently moved, and what prompted this post was actually my need for some items from Amazon for our new home. Several of the items in this blog post are items that we purchased and are loving at home.

I tend to decorate in a more modern, neutral way, and this post very much reflects that look. I will speak more to the items I personally own, but one thing I want to talk about is furniture before that!

tabletop accessories from Amazon

You will see several furniture items in this post, and as I have shared that on social there have been SO MANY questions – which I totally get. Buying a large furniture piece on Amazon seems a little off, but honestly it has been amazing.

We purchased the chairs, couch, and nightstands all from the round up in this post. All came on schedule (the chairs and nightstands were prime at that time and the couch gave me a 1 week window and they came the first day of the window).

Actually with the couch I ordered on the 10th of December and it arrived the 18th – so it was a quick process which made me so happy! It arrived in the worlds largest box and they carried it inside for us. I did a ton of research before buying it and have been thrilled.

poly and bark leather couch from Amazon

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As stated with the title of this post – this isn’t my first Amazon home finds post. I actually have several others that I LOVE and that have been well loved. Once you are done shopping this post be sure to check these other ones out.


Now lets get to todays finds!

home decor items from Amazon

Shop Amazon Home Decor Finds Below

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  1. Thow pillow – this is gorgeous and so so cute!
  2. These throw pillows are indoor outdoor and SUPER inexpensive. I got them to go in our kids playroom about a year ago.
  3. Natural wood frames – these are gorgeous. I LOVE the trend of natural wood frames
  4. Hanging rattan chair – we have a similar one to this (you can read about it here) and I LOVE IT! This one looks identical and is gorgeous.
  5. Little vases – I have these and think they are so unique and adorable
  6. This white vase is so pretty and textured
  7. Nightstands – these are the nights stands we got for our room and they are so pretty. The come fully assembled and ready to go.
  8. Chairs – We got these chairs for our master bedroom and they are seriously beyond gorgeous and pretty comfortable. I would hands down buy them again!
  9. Mirror – this is really similar to a mirror we have and LOVE. Such a gorgeous shape.
  10. Vase – this is really unique and pretty
  11. Faux plant. I added this to my cart, so be sure to watch on Instagram to see what I think.
  12. Runner – I got this for our house and it is seriously the prettiest, moodiest colors.
  13. End Table – I love simple end tables like this and this one is definitely a contender for our living room.
  14. Hanging basket. I actually just got one really similar to this to throw kids mittens and masks in.
  15. Couch – this is the couch in the photos in this post. It is seriously so comfortable and gorgeous. I am in love with it and it has been easy to keep clean which is huge with 4 little ones.
  16. Faux greenery stems – these have amazing reviews!
  17. Cement lamp – I love adding texture to spaces and this is such a good way to add a new and neutral texture.
  18. Throw blanket – very similar to the one on my bed, and just gorgeous.

That is it!! Hopefully it helped you find some great new items for your home!

tabletop Amazon Home finds

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Hopefully you found some amazing Amazon home finds that you love in this post, and if you have any questions on any of the items be sure to leave me a comment below, or shoot me a message on Instagram (@arinsolange). Be sure to pin this photo to find later.

home decor items from Amazon

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