Kids Closet and Clothing Organization Tips and Tricks

Kids closet organization is easily one of the most daunting spaces a parent can tackle when it comes to keeping their home tidy and organized. I am asked about this topic frequently as a mom of 4 little ones, so decided to include all my tips and tricks in one post!

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organized kids closet with baskets
Gorgeous closet is from Jackie at Crazy Life with Littles

30 Day Declutter Challenge: Kids Closet and Clothes

This organization and decluttering post comes as the second in line for this years 30 day declutter challenge. My friend Jen and myself are working through a free 30 day declutter challenge where we help you rid each room and space in your home of clutter and keep them clean and organized.

30 day declutter your home challenge worksheets

Before we get going to how we are going to tackle kids closets and clothes – be sure to download your free documents below and work on every space in your home!

Decluttering Kids Clothes

Before you can organize any space, it is so important to declutter. Kids clothes are one of those never ending spaces when it comes to organizing and decluttering, but I have some tips on how to make it the most pain-free process it can be!

Tip 1: 1 Room at a Time Starting with the Oldest

First things first – Start with one room at a time, and I tend to think if you have several kids you should start with the oldest.

Go through their closet, dresser, and any clothes/shoes that don’t stay in their room (like their shoes). Make piles for each end location. In my case that is: 1 pile for donation, 1 pile for trash, 1 pile for siblings, and 1 pile for sell.

kids closet with wallpaper
This Gorgeous space is by Isn’t that charming – check out her post for links and a how to!

Be ruthless – and keep in mind how many pairs of clothes your kids truly need. Match their socks and get rid of stays. Then make a list for anything you need to purchase. This is more of a thing for kids spaces than anywhere else because they are growing.

Tip 4: Storing for Siblings

This will look different pending your family situation. I have 4 kids, going BGBG. That means with clothes I save my older son and daughters clothing, but tend to donate more of the smaller 2’s.

For my boys their size difference is not huge. So I take all of Jack’s clothing and put them in a large bin like this on the top shelf of Walker’s closet.

For my girls – their size gaps are much bigger right now so I store Ave’s clothes in labeled bins for size in the basement. The exception to that is shoes. ALL grown out shoes go in one bin in Goldie’s closet, because feet sizing can be less predictable.

It is really important that if you are storing things in bins you put them in clean and you label the bins with sizes!

Organized gorgeous kids closet space
This diy is perfect for any home – check out the post by Chelsea at Making Home Base

Tip 3: Make it easy to keep things organized.

What does this mean? Don’t make things impossible to pull out a single item you no longer need or fit. For me that means I keep a basket on the floor of Goldie’s closet. I add to it clothes Avé has outgrown and anything Goldie or Walker have outgrown.

I go through that basket when it is full and sell/donate/store. Jack’s clothes go right in the bin in Walker’s closet so I skip that step unless it is an item I plan to donate.

Organizing Kids Closet Spaces

Alright…if you are on this step that means you decluttered right? Every closet is different, and every room has different amounts of storage. Instead of telling you exactly how to do it, I am going to give you 5 tips and share some favorite products.

Implement and include what you need to keep your space looking and functioning well, and remember that what works for one child, in one room may not work in another.

Tip 1: Make large necessary changes when possible

What do I mean by this? A closet is a space you will use daily for the lifetime of living in your home. So if something isnt working for you make adjustments. Add bars or storage bins.

Or in our case one thing we plan to change is the sliding door in our girls closets. They block the center of their closets and accordion doors will function much better for those spaces.

I battled that the entire time we lived at our last house and it was a huge regret for me. It isn’t a huge expense so when possible it is something that I know will make a huge difference.

Tip 2: Make sure everything has a place!

This is HUGE! My girls need more storage for accessories, and my older two store toys in their closets, so having a place for those specifics is huge. Kid’s won’t keep a space clean if it isn’t easy.

Tip 3: Consider their age and height

When it comes to dressers and clothing – if you intent to have your kids dress themselves or put away items on their own make sure they are in reach for them.

I know clothes that are hung too high for my 6 year old mean that she will just tear the hanger down.

Tip 4: Utilize Hanging spaces

This is huge – if you can get things hanging they will take up a lot less space. In the round up below you will find tons of great options for getting your kids hanging spaces more well utilized.

Remember that if your kids closet is small or feeling crowded that switching to velvet hangers will save you way more space than you think. I do think you should remember that they can make getting clothes on and off hangers harder for little ones tho. (this can be good or bad!).

exposed baby closet space
This gorgeous exposed closet option by my friend Christina is simple, perfect, and functional!

Tip 5: Store in easily maintained and used ways

Kids are kids. They aren’t going to maintain perfectly folded underwear and socks. So coming up with ways to store and maintain order in their rooms is important.

A few tips:

  • Give what you can separate drawers or bins and let them simply throw things in.
  • Lay out pajama pants. Lay the folded shirt on top, then roll. It will keep the pairs together in a messy bin.
  • Bins for shoes instead of expecting them perfect lined up.
  • Pair all socks and keep only what you need.
kids closet organization favorites

Shop My Favorite Kids Closet Organization Items

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

  1. These drawers are a really affordable version of a container store option.
  2. Hanging jewelry organizer – this is perfect for bows, accessories, and other small things.
  3. Drawer dividers – seriously such a game changer for keeping things organized and maximizing your space
  4. Divided drawer organizers – great for pants or jeans
  5. Extra hanging bar – this just loops over the bar that exists to give you an extra space to hang your clothes – I use these for all my kids!
  6. Shelves with built in book shelves – this is a great two for one storage option.
  7. Roll and stack storage – perfect for storing off season items
  8. Hanger tags – these double your hanging space
  9. Storage cubes – these are perfect for blankets and extra clothes in the closet.
  10. Hanging accessory organizer – I use this for my daughters purses, headbands hats and so many other accessories.
  11. Inexpensive custom closet option!
  12. Honey Comb Drawer Divider– great for keeping socks organized.
  13. Shoe Cabinet – perfect for keeping shoes in one place.
  14. Back of the door baskets – I use these in both my boys rooms.
  15. Fabric Drawer Organizer – these are perfect in my daughters drawers.
  16. Jewelry Tree – perfect for keeping all their fun jewelry organized.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks you will have a a great organization system in place and feel ready to tackle your kids clothes and closets!

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