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Raddish Kids Review

This Raddish Kids review is sponsored by Raddish; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Monthly Subscription boxes have become a big thing for adults and kids, and honestly I think the kid options where they are activities are SO SMART.  It is a great way to get kids a great gift or surpise that actually occupies them.  Raddish is a monthly subscription box that delivers a culinary experience for kids to do with their parents.  I was so excited I got the opportunity to do a Raddish Kids Review for you all, and to really get the full experience will be adding to this post in a month when we try it again!

Raddish Kids apron

Raddish Kids Review

Finding unique gift ideas for kids can be kind of tricky, because I feel like kids now a days have EVERYTHING, so when I got the opportunity to try out Raddish Kids with my kids this past week I was so so excited.  

I opted to have only Avé help with the cooking portion of this one due to Walker being a bit young, and Jack being allergic to egg. (He can enjoy them when cooked, so he was still able to dig in once they were cooked!)

Little Girl cooking Raddish Kids kit

What’s in the Kit?

We got our kit in the mail and the kids were pretty excited about their aprons.  The kit also included recipes for each of the three recipes, some conversation starters for the table, an easy to grab ingredient list (this was amazing for me!), activity cards, and some collectible kitchen tools.

 I loved that the recipes weren’t super involved, and they made it fun for kids, but also not a stressful experience for parents with the ingredient cards and such. 

please note the ingredients ARE NOT included in the monthly kits!

Raddish Kids

Let’s Get Cooking

The first recipe we cooked was galactic pancakes, and Avé was SO excited.  Honestly, Avé is by far my pickiest eater, and normally wouldn’t even eat pancakes, so I was excited to have her help and hope she would eat them.  We grabbed the ingredient list and were able to shop right in the pantry for that first recipe, we got to cooking.  

Mom and Daughter cooking Raddish Kids kit

The kit came with fun star and moon silicone molds for the pancakes, and they were super easy to use. We put them on the skillet, filled them up, and then let the pancakes do their cooking.  

It was fun to talk with Avé about measurements, and the process of cooking while we were doing this, and she even informed me this was only the start of her food blog – HAHA!

Star Pancake Mold

What We Thought

The kids all LOVED the end result of the recipe and overall the kit was so much fun to do with Avé.  I loved that it was a fun, unique spin on a normal recipe that encouraged my super picky eater to try something new (and love it) and was overall a fun, simple activity for the kids!

Kids eating food from Raddish Kit

I think that as kids get older this would be a really fun idea too for them to do a little more on their own.  My kids love when they get to cook at school, so they thought this was just like a school activity.  

I can’t wait to see what next months activities and recipes are, and think we will slowly work through the other recipes as a family as the month goes on.  

The 3 recipes were totally stand alone, and make it easy to be something you can do 3 fully separate times during the month, kind of giving you more “bang for your buck” than some other monthly kits for kids!

star and moon pancakes and strawberries

Make sure you check out their site to learn more about the kits, and the program, and I would love to hear what your kids think of it in the comments if you decide to try it!

Second month of Raddish

Dulce De Leche cookies on cake stand

The second month of Raddish was just as great as the first! This month we got Jack in the kitchen with us for the cooking and the eating, and we made Dulce De Leche Cookies. 

The kids loved learning about measurements, and the cookie scoops were perfect for them to scoop and get the dough off without touching it!

kids and mom cooking raddish kids kit

I was pretty sure they would never try the dulce de leche, but they inhaled the cookies and want to make more again very soon! 

Kids cooking in kitchen

Kids and mom cooking raddish kids kit in kitchen

As an added bonus, Raddish has been so kind to offer a promo code for my readers and followers to get $15 off your 6 month subscription. Use code: SOLANGE

Raddish Kids

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Raddish Kids Review




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    August 7, 2019 at 8:54 am

    Oh Tim will definitely love to do this with Sullivan!

  • Reply
    Jennifer Daniele
    January 10, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    Was initially excited! I had it for a year – kids lost interest after 4th month. Also didn’t realize it came without the ingredients. They auto renewed, and will not allow a cancellation, so buyer beware! I’d suggest trying only for a month.

    • Reply
      January 10, 2020 at 3:16 pm


      I appreciate your honest reply and review. I will definitely be sure to edit my review to be sure that everyone understands that ingredients aren’t included as well.


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