DIY Planter Umbrella Stand

pink and white umbrella in a planter

If you have ever wanted to make an umbrella stand that will look beautiful check out this simple DIY. Only a couple of supplies and about 10 minutes of your time needed and you will have a perfect Umbrella Stand.

How to:

  • Start with your planter – I love the Amazon option linked here because it is tall enough but also light weight. It normally helps to add some rock to the bottom for weight.
  • Once some rock is in you can either hold your umbrella in the vase OR put a piece of PVC pipe in. If you put the PVC pipe in the foam you can remove your umbrella.
  • Once the PVC pipe or umbrella are in the middle add your expanding fence post foam until it is about 3/4 of the way full.
  • Last add some more rock on top for aesthetics and weight.

That is it! You can watch the video here.

Fence Post Foam
Large White Planter
Pink and white Umbrella
Pink and White umbrella
xoxo, Arin
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