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My Thirty Favorites at Thirty

It honestly feels so weird writing this blog post.  The fact that I will be 30 this week just feels…odd.  I have been married for nearly 8 years, and have 3.5 kids, but for some reason I still feel about 22.  Regardless I have been reflecting a lot the last couple of weeks on life, and where I am at turning 30.  I don’t know that life looks exactly how I pictured it, but sometimes I forget that I am basically living my own fairytale.  Not perfect, but truly just living my own dream.  I get nosy when I follow other bloggers, SO I thought it would be fun for me to tell you my thirty favorites at thirty.  Not to mention the fact that this will be fun for me to look back at and see how much I cringe when I turn 40. (because trust me if I did this post at 20 HELLO KITTY would have made the cut…)

Being a wife and a mom was SO important to me in life.  I think I alway knew that those were my only two real ‘dreams’.  I know some people won’t like that, but thats why we all get our own dreams haha.  I will also say that since college I have wanted to start a blog, and the fact that over the last couple of years I have turned this into both a dream hobby and career is kind of mind blowing to me.  So although my 20’s were pretty amazing, and I am a bit sad to leave them behind, I am cautiously excited to see what the next decade of my life brings (even if that means that it will include 1 kid driving a moving vehicle).

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Arin Solange at Home sitting on pink couch - thirty favorites at thirty

Finding Your People

One of the best parts of my 20’s has been the relationships and friendships I have made, and one of the best ones has been with my girl NAVY.  Coincidently she and I have the same birthday, so while we get to do all the blogging fun (and bitching) together, we get to add in another fun element and team up for our birthdays each year. ( It’s noteworthy that she is still in her 20’s for a few more years, the lucky girl).  We thought it might be fun to each write a post about all our favorite things at this age…and of course to make it a bit more fun for all of you, incorporate week long giveaways.

I will explain more about the giveaways at the end of this post, but in the mean time… check out my 30 favorite things at 30!

30 Favorites at 30

  1. My family.  ENOUGH SAID.
  2. My Yeti Coffee Mug – As a mama It is so hard for me to finish a cup of coffee in a timely fashion, so I love this mug.  And I love that it has a lid so I can finish my coffee on my way to take the kids to school.
  3. Dyson Hair dryer – probably one of the bigger splurges on myself, but this thing has been a game changer for me.  I have a lot of hair, so anything that makes that easier to do is a win for me!
  4. Friday night Date nights – I talked about this here, but Sam and I do date night almost every Friday night and its the best thing ever for our marraige.  I live for that time and it completely recharges me for the weekend full of family time.
  5. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table.  I am super low maintenance when it comes to things like flowers, but I do LOVE having fresh flowers on my table.
  6. This mascara – I love drug store makeup in general but I have been using this one since high school.
  7. Starbucks.  I go most days.  I have zero apologies about it.  Okay I kind of do to my bank account but otherwise I don’t haha.
  8. Large Yeti tumbler – I’ve used this daily for 3 years or so.  It makes me drink so much more water. I Love my water ICE COLD, so this is huge for me.
  9. My Saranoni Blanket – I LOVE LOVE LOVE blankets.  I asked for a Saranoni for myself a couple of years ago and I am obsessed. So obsessed that I make sure all the kids have them, including the sweet baby in my belly!
  10. Batiste Dry Shampoo – I change up the smells and sometimes I use the one for dark hair and sometimes I don’t.
  11. Long baths – this is by far the biggest self care thing for me.  A bath is the best way for me to recharge. If you know me you know that I sometimes take a bath mid day.  Always at night, and basically I just LOVE bath time.
  12. Cantina Laredo – I have an unhealthy love for Mexican food, and Cantina is my fav! Sam doesn’t have to ask where I want to go to dinner. Its always Cantina!
  13. Spring time – the best time of the year! Winter is hard in the midwest, and Spring time for me is such a reminder of the calm after the storm.
  14. A pretty big fan of wine, but my current (or most recent seeing wine isn’t currently on my menu) favorite is Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc!
  15. Throw Pillows – I’m sure you know I love decor, and I am obsessed with throw pillows.  I change them out way too often.
  16. All things Rattan – current trend that I can’t get enough of.
  17. Urban Decay skin pallet – pretty sure this can make me look about a million times better.
  18. Freshly Picked Diaper bag – with 3 (almost 4) kids I love a good diaper bag.  I love my Fawn Design bags too, but the Freshly picked has really worked well for me for the past 2 years.
  19. Fake Plants – I kill all live ones, so I just fill my house with the fake version haha.
  20. Champagne – man I miss champagne!!!!
  21. Target…enough said.
  22. Apple Watch – I love my Apple Watch, and even more I love getting fun bands for it.
  23. Neverfull bag – this was my ‘push present’ when we had Walker and I LOVE it.
  24. A clean house.  I actually don’t mind cleaning, and as long as I have time am happy to do it, but a great clean house is huge for me.
  25. Baskets – I have a true obsession with baskets.
  26. A clean car INSIDE – this is a huge part of keeping me calm.  When I start feeling anxious I take my car to get it cleaned out, and it typically helps a LOT.
  27. My MacBook – thanks to blogging I basically live on it.
  28. PINK. anything pink. This includes any and all shades.
  29. Madewell Jeans – Please God don’t let low rise jeans ever come back into style.  Great mom jeans are basically life changing.
  30. Grubhub, DoorDash and basically anything else that delivers.  Sam and I love a good date night on the couch. LOVE.

Giveaway Fun

Now for the fun!!! Navy and I have teamed up – she did her own 26 favorites post, and each day in our stories on Instagram we will each be sharing a few of those favorites, and giving ONE prize to someone who comments on our post.  The daily prizes will be stand alone, but the real fun comes on Friday, April 12th.  One person will win a gift basket with all 10 prizes from us combined.

In order to win the big gift basket you will have to have commented on both of our blog posts at least once.  But you will get extra entries for answering the question each day.  So each person could get up to 10 entries!!  We are so excited to share some of our favorite items with some of you, and help you all celebrate our birthdays with us!




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121 thoughts on “My Thirty Favorites at Thirty

    1. First off, happy birthday!!! ???? Second, this idea is so generous and fun! My fav Starbucks drink at the moment is their caramel macchiato decaf with coconut milk ????????‍♀️ @mamacomesfirst

      1. Oh hey me again- i would put a cute new fake plant in my dining room!! It’s in desperate need of some decor! @karissaraeshaw

  1. I absolutely love taking baths too! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures! My favorite drink at Starbucks is an iced Carmel macchiato. Mmm so good! My Instagram is @briannekenyon.

    1. Its literally one of life little pleasures for me. And so relaxing until a kid walks in ha. Iced Carmel macchiato is one of my favorites too. I always do half the vanilla because Its too sweet for me, and…well now I want to go get one ha.

    1. That sounds so good. This may have been a horrible idea, because now I want to go try all of these drinks!

  2. Happy Birthday Week Arin!!! I love Starbucks too – my favorite Starbucks drink is an Unsweetened Iced Green Tea Lemonade!

    1. That sounds so good!! I used to get the unsweetened passion tea lemonade a lot! Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes.

    1. I want to love the pink drink so bad (because its SO CUTE), but I just did not love it. If I ever need one for a picture ill know who to give it to after haha!

  3. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! We basically have the same fav 30 things ????????‍♀️. Keep up the fantastic blog posts and instastories! You’re on of my favs to watch.

    Fav drink: caramel iced coffee with half and half. @all.rhodes.lead.home

    1. You totally made my day! Thank you. Oh I might need to try that. I am all about changing up my iced coffee. My new go to has been 2 pumps of the new lemon cinnamon syrup (which is weird but good).

  4. So fun! My favorite Starbucks drink would have to be the new cloud macchiato! ( I know it seems ridiculous to pay that amount for that little drink but it is sooo good) ???? @vivalabammm28

    1. I can never stay away from the women’s shoes section at Target! Gets me every time! Happy Birthday! @a_davitt

  5. I’m a simple girl lol I loveee a caramel Frappuccino ???? it’s my fave!

  6. My go to is skinny vanilla latte (hot or cold) if I am splurging I’ll go Caramel Macchiato! (@cashmere_sneaker)

  7. A small fake plant would go perfect in our new babes nursery or our toddlers big boy room! @alexislmartin

    1. Yes!! a good fake plant is my fav in a nursery…I did a big real one in Walkers, and ….that died instantly haha.

  8. I would put a plant in my entryway area of my dining room bar cart! I also love plants but I struggle to keep my family alive let alone some plants ????

  9. Venti 2-pump caramel non-fat misto is my drink from sbux! Happy birthday!! ????????


  10. I love being inspired my your home decor ideas and fake plants are perfect! My whole house needs more plants – but I should start with my office because that’s where I spend most the day and could use a little plant.


  11. Medicine ball tea! hot water and steamed lemonade, Citrus Mint Tea, Peach Tea, honey, and mint. Great when you are sick or anytime you need a refreshing tea!

  12. Happy birthday!! When mornings are tough and I need a little extra motivation, I get a Starbucks Double Shot on ice and swap out the Classic Syrup with Toffee Nut.

  13. I am in my 30s and I swear it’s better than the 20s! We are about to have our fourth babe as well ???????? and reading all your favorites, 28/30 are mine too! How fun!

    My favorite is just an iced coffee with vanilla and light cream ????

    1. Oh my gosh that makes me so happy to hear…ALSO I am glad im not the only one thats entering into team 4 babies.

  14. I love reading blog posts from moms who have older kids and all the tips and tricks they have for going through the motions.

    1. Ok I love this. I kind of forget that even tho I am in the thick of it with walker that some of my advice might be helpful to moms who aren’t their yet!

  15. I love to read your posts on home decor and decorating! I love your style and will maybe one day be able to convince myself that I could pull off some of your beautiful room design ideas in my own home!


  16. I really enjoy reading blogs about being a mom…all the tips and tricks are super helpful from moms who have been there done that 🙂 @ashleycella

  17. Happy Birthday and welcome to your thirties!! Promise they are the best years ???? My favorite blog posts are anything kid related. Gift ideas, party setups, playroom decor, etc. Your under the stairs playhouse and swing set are soo cute and fun!!

    ???????? @udaiajones

    1. aww thank you!! I keep hearing that the 30s are the best, so it makes me feel a little better about getting older!

  18. I’m loving all your 30 things I have so much in common with you lol! My favorite blog to read is before and afters for sure!

  19. Happy birthday! My favorite posts are definitely DIY blog posts, I may not be the most crafty but they give me motivation!

  20. Happy happy birthday!! I love your gift guide posts so much! I always refer to them before Christmas and birthdays! I also love your organization tips and tricks and when you share good deals! I love a good target dollar section find! And your decor posts! #Goals

  21. Hi Arin! Baths are great! One thing I love is curling up in my Lovesac with a good book!


  22. Oh wow! What sections of target do I not love?! Haha. If I had to choose, I’d say my favorite is dollar section…I can always find something 🙂 @ashleycella

  23. So how can I choose just ONE section at Target!?! If you are going to make me I love the home decor section. I get all the ideas!!! @cashmere_sneaker

    Also as for yesterday’s favorite post I also have to say I can’t choose my favorite. You have so much stuff I can relate to so that’s why I will comment on this one ????

  24. How can you pick just 1?!?! I love the dollar spot, home goods, girls clothing and ladies clothing.

  25. How do I decide my favorite target section?! It might be an impossible task! Ha! I do love their home decor though! @samanthawiars

  26. My favorite target aisle is the dollar spot of course! If that doesn’t count then I’d probably choose the holiday section! IG: @terracherrygomez

  27. My favorite section is the dollar section! However I can never visit because we don’t have a target ???? in my town ???? which is why I order online when I want to buy something:) i’d Go completely broke if we’d have one ????

  28. Happy Birthday! I too have an abnormal love for baskets!! Target has great ones. But let’s be real, I could literally spend hours in the baby clothes section… ???? @heidigoad

  29. Yay happy birthday! I too have an abnormal love for baskets!! Target has great ones. But let’s be real, I could literally spend hours in the baby clothes section… ???? @heidigoad

  30. Oh Target!! Hands down one of my favorite stores! I’m always sucked into the home decor section. My absolute favorite!!


  31. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!! ???????? My favorite section at Target is the makeup area, but tied in second place is home decor & toddler clothes! IG: @mamacomesfirst

  32. Love the clearance or dollar spot at ????. Also love following you and the real life posts you have each day. ????????‍♀️ @mizmeyer0628