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Tricks for Surviving Disney World

Who is ready for all the tricks for surviving Disney World with toddlers that I promised you last week on Instagram?  Like I said last week, we do not do long trips at Disney yet, but we do try to go a couple times a year for one day, and I feel like that has been the easiest way for me to learn new things to make it easier.

 I will touch on a few non product things to keep in mind, as well as give you my round up of things I always take with us when we head to Disney World.  I have this post that I created after our first trip there, and I still stand behind so much of it, but wanted to update you all with more items now that we have been several times!


Little Girl dressed for Disney in red and white skirt and black leotard


This post contains affiliate links – all opinions on items and tricks for surviving Disney World are my own

First Lets Talk Tricks for Surviving Disney World

Alright, before I get to the money spending (because trust me you will start spending Money way before you get to the park when it comes to Disney!! – that mouse makes all the money haha).

  • Download this Disney App – this will be your life saver.  You can see when your fast passes are, but also trade them on this app.  For us many times we don’t even start the day with fast passes but we grab a couple as the day goes on!  It also shows the wait times for any rides.  PRIORITIZE the rides/attractions you need to do.  Pending the number of days there, and the ages of your kids you may not do it all.  For us seeing ____ princess is always top of the list for Avé.  When we see the line is short -ish for that princess we run over.  The boys always go see Buzz Lightyear, or something else while we do this.
  • If you have a princess lover, Check out the Enchanted Tales with Belle.  It’s a bit more fun than the typical princess meet and greets!
  • Head to lunch early if you don’t have a reservation.  We typically go to a cafeteria style place, and since my kids are fine with eating at 11, we head in at 10:50 so that by the time we eat its 11:15 or after and it always gets so much busier as we are there.
  • Have a stroller or seat option for kids much older than you would at home.  My older two would never need to sit in a stroller at home, but having the double stroller where Avé can ride with the rider board for Jack is a must for a long day.
  • Get there right on time.  Being on the first Ferry ride over is the best.  The park is the most empty first thing in the morning so you can get on a ride or two with much less long ride.
  • This one is personal preference: we like to pay extra for the more expensive parking.  If you are totally worn out by the end of the day it is SO nice getting to your car faster.  By then everyone is wiped out.  They also hand out free waters which is great.

round up of gear for tricks for surviving Disney World

The Best Gear to Take

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14

  1. A fanny pack – Lucky for us these are back in and I feel like we all might as well jump on the convenient little bandwagon until its nerdy to use them again!  These from Fawn Design are SO cute!
  2. The fawn Design mini – I used mine on our last trip and it was great.  I put lots of our loose items (IE snacks, waters, and the diaper clutch from number 9), in the bottom of the stroller. (If they were stollen I wouldn’t care.)  I then was able to carry onto rides this smaller backpack diaper bag with just what I cared about.
  3. External Charger – the last thing you want is for your phone to die at Disney World.  I love this one, and I also purchased a pack of these short charging cables to go with it.  I keep two in the little pouch with the battery so Sam and I can both charge our phone if needed.
  4. A travel pack of bandaids 
  5. Stroller lock – I love taking this with me so that I don’t have to worry about our stroller getting stolen.  I have heard that they will cut these if they need to move your stroller but so far I have had no issues.
  6. Drink Strap – this is a lifesaver for kids who throw things out of strollers a lot.
  7. Water bottle – I love these small Swell bottles for both myself and the kids!
  8. Tile Finder – THIS was a game changer for us this time. I used a zip tie and added this to a hidden spot on our stroller.  I felt so much better leaving it for long lines at rides because I knew if someone stole, or accidentally walked off with our stroller I would be able to track it!
  9. Diaper clutch – I think this is a game changer all the time but for Disney its needed.
  10. Baby Carrier – If you have a child that can’t stand it line for a long time, this is NEEDED when you’re there all day.
  11. Stroller caddy
  12. Stroller – we have this stroller with the second seat and its amazing.  The basket is huge, and my oldest LOVES the rider board from number 13. I Love that for a trip like this we can leave the second seat at home or in the hotel for non Disney days.
  13. Piggyback Board – I am obsessed with this.  If there was ever a stroller accessory to buy, make it this one!!
  14. Snack stackers.  – I talk about these a lot, but they are great for bringing snacks for long days. They eliminate trash or having them get crushed in the bottom of the stroller.

Three Siblings Dressed for Disney lined up

Kids Outfit Details

Jack Shoes // Avé Shoes // Avé Clothes // Avé bow // Boys shorts // Avé purse

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