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15 Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

I truly think the later you get in the elementary years the harder kids get to buy gifts for. Today I am sharing 15 gifts for 10 year old girls that will make all their little preteen hearts happy. I tried to find a good round up of items that are not technology based and would keep them playing a bit, as well as some useful items.

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15 Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

I don’t have a 10 year old girl yet, but I do have a 10 year old boy so spend a good amount of time around 10 year old girls. Every year I add a new gift guide for my sons age child because I feel until then I can’t really speak to what that age would love.

This year my son turned 10 so enter the 10 year old boy and 10 year old girl guides. 10 year olds are definitely leaving behind toys and playing and turning into preteens, but still have plenty of “kid” left in them.

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Although I do think things like The Nintendo Switch and iPads make great gifts for this age, I wanted to give some of those more outside the box ideas for you. Aside from the items in this post I tend to think that games, arts and crafts, and puzzles are all awesome choices as well.

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Below you will find the 15 best gifts for 10 year old girls. I hope you love the ideas, and you can find a better explanation to what they are below the round up.

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  1. Rollerskates – but not just any skates. These are to die for cute haha.
  2. Claw Clips – My daughter can’t get enough of these.
  3. Electric scooter – My daughter has this exact one. It is so cute and works great.
  4. Nightlight – looks like a gummy bear and you squeeze it to turn it on. I even want this.
  5. Ugg Slippers
  6. Ear Bud Headphones
  7. Personalized necklace
  8. Collapsible water bottle – I know several kids that have these and love them.
  9. Helmet – this is a pricier helmet, but we got it for my daughter so she would have one that she felt “cool” in which I knew would mean she might wear it
  10. Comfy – This is all the rage and going under the tree for all of my kids this year.
  11. Bath Bomb set
  12. Moped – definitely a pricier option but so fun!
  13. Fanny Pack
  14. Friendship Bracelet set
  15. The ‘it shorts’ of the season

Hopefully those gave you some great ideas!

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Now that you are all set with the best 10 year old girl gifts make sure you finish any other shopping you need on my other guide pages, and be sure to follow along on both TikTok and Instagram (@arinsolange) to see more gift finds that you will love.

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