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Kids Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Last year I did a stocking stuffers under $25 from Amazon post and you guys all seemed to LOVE it, so this year I thought it would be fun to do a couple more!  When I do stocking stuffers I go really inexpensive, so am rounding up kids stocking stuffers under $10.  

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I will also be doing a post on Stocking stuffers under $5, but remember all of this is available on Amazon Prime, so grab it this week to get it for Christmas!!


  1. Light Sabor
  2. Magnets – we have these in our laundry room and I love to rotate sets out monthly
  3. Large Floor Puzzle – we have this and it is HUGE and so much fun!
  4. Bookother great book ideas here. 
  5. Necklace – Avé is super into jewelry and would love this!
  6. Sidewalk Chalk 
  7. This little toy is amazing – I will be getting it for Avé to practice making her letters and numbers
  8. Color Wonder set
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Tassels to put on their little scooter or bike!
  11. Chapstick – I still remember getting this as a kid
  12. Slinky
  13. These little scratch off papers are SO FUN
  14. Bug catching net
  15. Play cell phone
  16. Frozen jewelry making kit
  17. Munchie Mit
  18. Gel Pens – weren’t the 90s great? haha
  19. Crayola Scrubbies
  20. Doctor Kit
  21. These little toppers for pouch tops make them so they won’t spill and you can reclose them
  22. Doll bottles
  23. Playdough
  24. Pig Keychain flashlights
  25. Egg sorting toy! This is such a good learning toy
  26. Mittens
  27. Stamp kit
  28. Pokedex – don’t ask me what it is, but my son wanted it, so he is getting it!
  29. Captain America fidget spinner
  30. Wand

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Kids Stocking stuffers from Amazon under $10

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    I went overboard and ordered almost everything on here.

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