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Kids Stocking Stuffers

Last year I did a stocking stuffers under $25 from Amazon post and you guys all seemed to LOVE it, so this year I thought it would be fun to do another one!  When I do kids stocking stuffers I go really inexpensive, so am rounding up kids stocking stuffers all from Amazon, and all on a super tight budget. 

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siblings in Christmas pajamas

Kids Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers in our house are normally a good mix of useful and fun. I am not a huge fan of clutter, so I do candy and a few smaller items that I think they will actually play with.

Hopefully the items in this post help you find great things to fill all your stockings this year, and make your Christmas morning magical.

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stocking stuffers for kids

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  1. Globbles – These are so fun! They are a sticky toy that the kids love but don’t leave behind any type of residue so I love them too
  2. Initial Necklace
  3. Whistle – You may regret this purchase at some point but your kids will be thrilled
  4. Dino head – This guy is one of my favorites, can fit on a scooter, bike or even a Flybar
  5. Beads – 1,000 beads and string included
  6. Play-doh – We always stock up at Christmas because my kids’ favorite hobby is leaving the lid off
  7. Bubble Camera – my younger two LOVE these
  8. Lip Smacker – Lots of different animals and flavors availalbe
  9. Pop It
  10. Iron on Patches – so much to personal a jean jacket or bookbag!
  11. Insect Nets – A great outdoor toy for all ages
  12. Hide & Squeak Eggs – This toy has been loved by all of my kids
  13. Collapsible Water Bottle – great to toss into a bag
  14. Jump rope – This comes in a 2 pack
  15. Gloves – light up gloves
  16. Piggy Paint – 2 pack of non-toxic nail polish, perfect winter activity
  17. Socks – my kids are obsessssed with these socks haha
  18. Gummy Bear night light – we got this this year and the kids love him!
  19. Lego mug – this is such a fun gift idea!
  20. Binoculars – Also available in lots of colors so great for a boy or girl
  21. Paint by stickers – Can you tell I am thinking we will have a long inside winter ahead?
  22. Flashlights – These will keep my kids occupied for hours
  23. Stacking cups – A great option for baby’s stocking
  24. Silly jokes book
  25. Nightlight
  26. Unicorn chalk – Includes 18 jumbo pieces of sidewalk chalk
  27. Best PJs ever – Our loves for these pajamas runs deep
  28. Pastel pens – new pens/pencils are a stocking requirement for me!
  29. Dog Claw Clips – Ave got these and they are adorable!
  30. Slinky – Jumbo slinky = fun for all
  31. Clip on speaker
  32. Bath bombs – these are adorable!
  33. Silicone blocks – a great option for a baby’s stocking. Put them in individually to take up more room!
  34. Letter Magnets – my kids had these when they were little. Great way to keep toddlers playing while you’re making dinner. Grab a cookie sheet for them to play on or just use the fridge
  35. Squishies – these are fun and affordable stocking fillers

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Hopefully this helped you find the perfect kids stocking stuffers. Be sure to pin the photo to find these later, and make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok for more holiday fun!

stocking stuffers for kids

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