2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals

Nothing like Sales on sales on sales right?   I don’t cover many sales as a blogger, because honestly IT IS EXHAUSTING, and I don’t do massive amounts of shopping like this often.  But I know from asking in my Instagram stories that you guys wanted some 2019 Amazon Prime Day  deals covered.  

I am going to cover this in a  VERY similar way to the Nordstrom Sale.  I will add shoppable images to this page and will update them from time to time.  I don’t have a babysitter tomorrow so my coverage will definitely be a little here an there. 

One thing to know is that I do earn commission on anything you buy after clicking one of my links.  If you leave a browser open, anything you buy after clicking one of my links I earn a small amount of commission on.  I ALWAYS appreciate that, and want that to be very upfront.  

Because I am not a huge online shopper I will only be posting deals that I think are amazing or would consider myself!!


2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals


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