Nordstrom Sale Summer – Women’s Fashion Picks

Fashion is most definitely not why most of you follow me or read my blog.  Not to say I don’t think I dress well, but I definitely have more fun dressing my kids and my home.  That said, there is one sale that I always LOVE – the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  The reason every blogger, fashion enthusiast, and basically just everyone LOVES this sale is because this isn’t items going on sale as an end of season sale, but instead great items that are going to be hot looks for the season that you can get ahead of time on sale.

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2019 Summer Nordstrom Sale

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Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Women’s Fashion

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  1.  Collarless Quilt Jacket – this feels like one of those pieces that insantly elevates any outfit
  2.  Longline Cardigan  – a new carline staple for me
  3.  Water Resistant Neoprene Belt Bag
  4.  Faux Leather Leggings– these are just great. Wear them with converse or flats, sweaters or blouses.
  5.  Reversible Wool and Cashmere Poncho
  6.  Packable Hooded Jacket – great for traveling to a cool destination
  7.  Mini Stud Earrings
  8.  Polarized Ray-Ban Phantos
  9.  Pink Cotton Blend Crew Neck
  10.  Space Dye Cardigan
  11.  Water Resistant Chelsea Boot – the perfect hybrid of classic Chelsea boot and the biker boot trend
  12.  Faux Suede Bootie
  13.  Madewell Set of 3 Necklaces– literally goes with everything
  14.  Striped Strap Transport Tote– I love the striped strap update to this classic bag
  15.  Open Toed Mule – the ideal flirty fall shoe
  16.  Barefoot Dream Sock Set– IYKYK
  17.  Ruffle Minidress
  18.  Straight Leg Overalls
  19.  Hooded Tie Waist Cardigan
  20. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – this is the perfect beginner skincare item.  I started using it nightly and my skin loved me for it.
  21.  Slide Sandal
  22.  Ugg Shearling Slipper

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