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Boy’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

As promised, I didn’t forget about boys for Valentine’s Day this year.  I have rounded up the best boy’s Valentine’s Day outfits this year.  I tried to stick to Amazon like I did with the girls, but there just wasn’t enough I loved, so I ventured out.

This boy’s Valentine’s Day Outfits post contains affiliate links – post was updated in Jan 2023.

little boy against pink backdrop

Boy’s Valentine’s Day Outfits

As a mama of 2 boys I LOVE dressing my boys, and these finds are to die for.  I tried to find several that would work for much past the holiday.  Actually most of it isn’t TOTALLY Valentine’s Day. 

Finding cute clothes for little boys is not always easy, so hopefully you find the finds in this post to be unique and perfect for your family!

little boy in white against pink backdrop

Find all the picks below – This post will be updated frequently so you will be able to find new finds year after year.

Little Boy Valentine's Outfits

Shop Boys Valentine’s Day Outfits

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  1. Love you more onesie
  2. Truck pajamas – my truck loving boys will love these jammies
  3. Bonnet – there are few things sweeter than a baby in a bonnet and this one is adorable!
  4. Rey to Z hat – Rey to Z is one of our favorite brands and their newest launch is so sweet
  5. Playdate sweatshirt – this is fun and can be worn well after Valentine’s Day
  6. Sunglasses – everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses, spring is right around the corner..I hope
  7. Gray heart sweatshirt
  8. Red pajamas – we have these and LOVE them
  9. Snacks are my love language sweatshirt
  10. Toms shoes
  11. Petite Plume pajamas – these are just precious and can be monogrammed
  12. Little Hearts hat – this hand knit hat with tiny heart is what dreams of made of. It’s totally customizable to whatever colors your choose
  13. Hunter boots – another family favorite, these boots last forever and the kids love them
  14. Sesame Street heart sweater
  15. I <3 U shirt
  16. Converse shoes – these are a staple in our house
  17. Cupid crew sweatshirt
  18. Red sweatpants – these sweatpants are unique and would go great with the playdate sweatshirt
  19. Loads of love sweatshirt
  20. Ace of hearts onesie – I couldn’t forget the Valentine’s babies! How fun is this one?
  21. Burt’s Bees pajamas – Burt’s Bees pajamas are great, 100% cotton and non-slip grips on the feet
  22. XOXO onesie – love the simplicity of this one
  23. Hunk onesie – another easy option for babies this Valentine’s day
  24. Mama’s Boy hat
Toddlers dressed for valentines day  against pink backdrop

Be sure to check out the posts below if you have little girls at home for some great finds for them this Valentine’s Day season and hopefully you find some great pieces and inspiration for your little guys this year!

Toddler Girl Valentine’s Day outfits from Amazon

Baby Girl Valentine’s Day Outfits

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Hopefully this helped you find some cute and perfect boys Valentines Day outfits for your little man. Be sure to pin the photo below to find this post later, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok for more inspiration and fun!

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Little Boy Valentine's Outfits

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