The Best Faux Plants

It is no secret that I have a black thumb. I try and try to keep plants alive, but I am often preoccupied keeping the 4 kids alive, and the plants always end up in the trash can. I have recently come to terms with the fact that I will have faux plants in my home for years to come….so I might as well share the best I have found with you all, right?

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Best Faux plants for your house

The Best Faux Plants

Thanks to my black thumb, I have scoured the internet for the best fake plants. This is definitely an area where you want to do your research. I can’t tell you how many times I have purchased a fake plant that looked lush and beautiful in the image only to receive a sad, scrunched up, bunch of greens.

It is also worth noting – in most cases – price isn’t your indicator on quality. I think that larger leaves tend to be harder to pass off as real when fake, but none the less – don’t let a big name brand fool you into thinking it will be amazing.

I also tend to think when going with larger fake plants, you want small leaves, or plants that natural leave can sort of look rubbery. Because that will naturally have a more real life look when fake.

Best Faux plants for your house

Fake Plants as Decor

So if you are not team real plants (or maybe you just have a room where a faux would best) I am going to round up the best options today. Faux plants are a great option for those of us with black thumbs (hi!), but they are also great options for other reasons.

If you live in an apartment that is short on natural light or maybe you live in Alaska where it is dark for long periods of times (can we be friends?), fake plants as decor are a great alternative to live vegetation. You won’t have to worry about moving your fake plants to the sunniest part of your home so they can bask in natural light.

Best Faux plants for your house

Fake trees are also not going to have the potential to attract bugs and critters that live plants will. That’s enough of a plus side for me! Fake plants can also be a wiser option with young kids or pets at home. If you decide to go with the real deal make sure you look up the kind of plant first to make sure it is safe for everyone in your home – even the more curious ones.

If fake options sound like the best option for you, keep reading for the best fake trees that you can put in the shadiest room in your home without the fear of an infestation of bugs!

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Other Home Decor Finds

I have been rounding up Amazon home finds for years now. I have round ups no matter your decor style or what you’re looking for. Check out the the link below to check out more finds.

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Best Faux plants for your house

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  1. Faux snake plant -These are great for a corner where you don’t have room for something that sprawls wider.
  2. Small Table Top – This great little table top plant is great for planters and pots anywhere around the house.
  3. Olive Tree Branches – I keep several different varations of branches like this for filling plants.
  4. 2 Pack Table Top Plants – This two pack of tabletop plants is great for adding decor all over the home
  5. Small Falling Leaf Plant – I love these sort of droopy leaves
  6. Eucalyptus – I have a couple of variations of Eucalypus in this post. This one is so pretty and unique.
  7. Bird Of Paradise – I kill all plants – so I am team faux for big expensive plants and Love this Bird of Paradise
  8. Faux Fiddle – This is one of the most realistic looking faux fiddle leaf trees I have seen.
  9. Bird of Paradise – Another great Bird of Paradise. I LOVE the faux floor plants from here.
  10. Faux Fiddle – Another Faux Fiddle – All of the faux fiddles in my house are different sizes of this one.
  11. Olive Tree – This is in my cart with amazing reviews – you can also get a 2 pack here
  12. Areca Palm – I have killed three areca palms this year…so I think this is my next purchase. This one looks so realistic.
  13. Small Faux Fiddle – This is a cute option to add to your tabletop planters
  14. Eucalyptus – I have this and it is enough for several vases – very pretty and realistic!
  15. Small Sprawling Plant – Love this style – this is a great option for table top or a hanging planter both.
  16. Fiddle Leaf Fig – This is a good medium size fiddle leaf fig – a great way to add height to your decor!
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Best Faux plants for your house

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