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Alright, people.  We did the unthinkable, ( and totally exhausting) and headed to Disney last weekend with a 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and 2 month old.  It was a bit of a last-minute trip, but I thought I would talk about some of my Disney favorites for our trip, including everything from fashion to gear to help us survive.  Some of the ‘favorites’ are things we didn’t bring that I meant to and in hind site wish I had followed my gut and done so.

two kids dressed in Disney outfits against garage door

Favorites for a day at Disney -

First I’m going to talk about my favorites when it comes to gear.  This would honestly be a great list to reference whether you’re hitting Disney World, the local zoo, or anything in between.

Collage of baby gear for Disney World

  1. Backpack or Diaper bag backpack:  I love my Ju-ju-be BFF
  2. Universal stroller side organizer:  This was such a lifesaver for us, and allowed for extra storage that was quickly and easily accessible for things like the map that we wanted often.
  3. Stroller Alarm: This was the item I wish I brought and didn’t and I REGRET IT.  We brought a nice stroller, and I would have been much more comfortable leaving it with an alarm.
  4. A ring sling or wrap:  I brought my Wildbird Ring Sling and it was amazing to have something tiny that fit in my bag for when Walker got fussy.
  5. A clutch of some sort:  I love this Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick because its roomy.  I kept my ID, tickets, cash, phone, and credit card as well as wipes in this.  I could grab it when we went on rides to keep my valuables safe, and it hung over the handles to the stroller while we were walking, or slipped in the side organizer from #2.
  6. Universal cup holder:  I added another cup holder to the stroller because with 4 people (and a baby) it never hurts!
  7. A rider board:  We have rider boards for two of our strollers, and my favorite is easily our Orbit Stroller and rider board, but that is discontinued.  Any rider board is so helpful
  8. Stroller Organizer:  Having an added space for things close to you and cup holders is NEVER a bad idea.  This one from Skip Hop is amazing.
  9. Our Lille Baby Carrier:  So I know I said we Brought a ring sling, but we also brought our Lille Carrier because it was a great way to be able to carry either Walker or Avé if she got tired. I love that the Lille carrier fits newborn through toddler so it is a single piece of gear that works for all the kiddos.


Favorites for a day at Disney -

Okay so on top of gear that keeps kiddos and parents happen and things moving well through the day, I also had so much fun shopping for the kids for the trip! Here are some of my Disney favorites!  Some we got for this trip and some we will get for next time!

  1.  I did homemade Mouse ear bows for Avé that I already had, but I also love both this bow or this one for cute black and white bows!
  2. Baby Gap had SUPER cute clothes for Walker, and even for the big kids, and so does Zara for bigger kids!
  3. Love these Mini Melissa shoes for a little girl!! They were a must have.
  4. I got Jacks cute shirt at Old Navy for super inexpensive and both kids had Mickey and Minnie PJs from there for the night before!
  5. LOVED this blanket for Walker.  I knew he would be in a stroller all day and I wanted a thin blanket to keep the sun off him.  This one was sooo cute, but Avé did try to claim it as her own.

Favorites for a day at Disney -

Next time we go I am hoping we have more time to prepare and I’m sure I will have even more Disney favorites and fashion up my sleeves.

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Check back next week to see some more favorites!! XO



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