Walker 2 Months Old - walker 2 month update

Its been 2 months!  Two months since we added the sweetest little personality to our family, and time is flying by.  Again this month there isn’t much to report, so I decided I will use these posts monthly to talk about whats happening with Walker, but also life updates.

So new this month:  Jack just started back to school and is in Junior Kindergarten this year.  It feels weird to have him there 5 days a week (5 half, 2 full), but it’s also been great for him, and it feels good to be entering into a schedule again.  I truly feel like I was meant for fall and spring.  The anticipation of summer, and the break from the day-to-day is always welcome for me in the spring, but summer is never a time I actually enjoy.  It’s too hot, and we lack structure.  I think as the kids get older it will be a bit better, but this year with a newborn we were stuck in a lot.  Fall for me always just brings calmness for me.  And the first chilly days always remind of the anticipation I felt waiting for Jack and Avé to arrive.  (I’m curious to see if June feels like that from here on out too). - walker 2 month update

Anyway, aside from school starting, our shower has leaked into our kitchen 3 times, I have destroyed our dining room, in hopes that it will be finished by next month, and we finally got Sam’s office fully decorated.  Ave also started dance this week.  She is doing tap and ballet this year, and let me tell you:  CUTEST THING EVER!!!! She really loves it, and I hope it teaches her a lot over the years. - walker 2 month update

We are getting ready to fly to Florida next weekend and I’m so excited to take the kids to Disney, but mostly to just take a break from day-to-day life at home.  I underestimated how important vacations are for the soul.  This will be Sam’s first time flying with us since we had Jack.  I have flown with the kids several times, but he has never been along, so I am SO happy I’ll have another parent this time.

Walker is waking once a night, smiles LIKE CRAZY, loves mama, is huge (I’ll have to update with size tomorrow), and overall is SUCH a good baby.  We sure love him, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Are you happy to see fall coming around the corner, or feeling sad that summer is over?


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