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Ollie Swaddle Review

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If you’re a mama you KNOW the importance of a good swaddle.  I am here with an Ollie Swaddle review to help you decide if that’s the right one for you.  I have four kids and literally have a drawer bursting at the seams with swaddles that we have tried with all of our kids.  I’m talking, velcro, zipper, sketchy, fleece…we have tried it.  

So, of course, knowing that a swaddle is where you don’t spare expense when I found out we were pregnant with our third I knew I had to try The Ollie World  swaddle, since it’s all over social media.

Ollie Swaddle Review

sleeping baby in the ollie world swaddle | Ollie Swaddle Review


I think the aspect of the Ollie swaddle I was most excited for was the fact that it sits a bit lower on the baby shoulders than an average swaddle.  

With my first two kids no matter what I did I felt like the moment they wiggled their swaddle with creep up and I was SO worried they would suffocate.  (there is nothing quite like that new mama anxiety!)  

I also feel like one of the biggest anxieties for moms is the risk of their baby overheating.  For me, our third was my first summer baby, so I was so concerned with how I could dress Walker for bed and still swaddle him without him being too hot.

 The Ollie World swaddle is made from a special moisture wicking fabric that reduces the risk of overheating.

baby yawning in ollie world swaddle | Ollie Swaddle Review

We have been using The Ollie World since day one at home with Walker and literally haven’t turned back.  I love it so much that I purchased a second one to put aside as a baby gift, knowing that it would be one of my go-to gifts.

Key Likes and Dislikes

I have updated this post since originally writing it with my third baby.  I have since had my 4th, and used the Ollie swaddle on both of them.  This Ollie Swaddle review and the key likes and dislikes are based on both babies. 1 of them was a large baby and 1 a small baby. 

  • Like – it is one size fits all.  I loved that once we were ready to use it a week or two in, it didn’t matter that my babies were more than 2 lbs difference in size. ‘
  • Like – it is pretty darn hard to get out of.  When they are really young it does a very good job of keeping them in.
  • Like – it sits lower as mentioned above.
  • Dislike – I feel like if the velcro closes in the wrong spot it can encourage the baby to lay to one side and possible cause a flat spot. 
  • Like – easy of use
  • Dislike – you do have to get a sweet spot.  Too tight and my kids were uncomfortable and too loose and they can get out. baby in the ollie world swaddle on white sheets | Ollie Swaddle Review

Like I said above.  Over all I think it is a VERY worthwhile swaddle to buy.  I don’t think it will be your only swaddle.  With Goldie, our 4th we used it longer and as she got older she could get out of it.  But I don’t personally think any swaddle is perfect. 

  ( also a small side note:  It come with a small mesh bag to wash it in so the super strong velcro doesn’t ruin other items in the wash.  I wish other companies would have that kind of forethought.  That was a huge win in my book!)

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baby in ollie swaddle | Ollie Swaddle Review

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I hope you found this Ollie Swaddle review helpful! Have a great weekend, and I’ll back next week with more favorites, but in the mean time leave me a comment with some of your favorites to check out!!


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