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Diaper Bag for Three Kids

Some of you that have followed me on Instagram for a while might know that my 4 year old has an egg allergy.  This has meant that for the past 4 years I have carried a lot of extra food and stuff with me in my diaper bag because I never know if he will have options where we are going.  Some restaurants the only options on the menu that he would like are sides (i.e. French fries…I mean lets be honest people).   I have definitely gotten good at packing for our outings, and know what to look for in a bag, because 2 toddlers and a newborn now means I bring the whole house.  Like really the whole thing. So for this weeks Friday Favorites, I am talking about my current favorite diaper bag for three kids and whats in it!

mom and son with jujube diaper bag

 Diaper Bag for Three Kids

I recently tried the Ju-Ju-Be BFF backpack diaper bag, and literally fell in love.  The straps are so memory foam and so comfortable, and Im obsessed with the separation of mom area and kid area.  It has 4 slots for bottles or drinks which is great because I typically have a water for each of my big kids and 2 bottles.  The fabric is amazing because its so durable, and I LOVE that its machine washable.  I am on diaper bag number 3,456 and this one does not disappoint!!

Some of my other favorites for a day out with my kiddos are below.  ALL of these items fit in my Ju-Ju-Be Bff, which is amazing!


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collage of diaper bag favorites

  1. Ju-Ju-Be BeQuick:  This is amazing. I love that I can keep ALL the diaper changing items in one place.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes Sam that if (when) Walker poops during church, this is all Sam has to carry out with him.
  2. Solly Baby Wrap:  I always keep this in my bag.  It’s the quickest way to calm walker and gives me free hands if needed.
  3. Breast Milk Storage Bags:  so nursing has not gone well for me, and this time some medical issues and medicine meant stopping at 6 weeks post baby.  I found that using these bags for pre-mreasured bags of formula has saved SO much space and been amazing.
  4. Little Unicorn Swaddles: I always keep a swaddle blanket on me!
  5. Oxo Tot Wipes Case — enough said
  6. Burpy Bibs: This is our favorite set by far, but overall, burpy bibs are amazing because they double between a burp cloth and bib, and I can even clip it around his carseat!
  7. Re-play Recycled snack stackers:  THESE, these save my life.  I can put a few different kids of food (lunch meat, veggies, crackers).  I am obsessed with these for the kids, especially Jack!! they are literally the best.
  8. THE Bag:  Like I said above, this bag is amazing.  If you are looking for a bag that is fashionable (I literally fell in love with it because a friend has it and it is so so cute) and because it will function like a true well designed diaper bag, look no further!!

What are your favorite items to keep in your diaper bag/ whats been your favorite bag you have tried thus far?  If you haven’t caught on yet, I am obsessed with baby gear, so I always love checking out new stuff!! I hope you found some good inspiration for your diaper bag for three kids, or however many you’re packing for!

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