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New Mom Must Haves

With a newborn and 2 toddlers at home, it is no surprise that mommy hood pretty much has taken over this season of life, and for that I am grateful.  I feel like with each baby I have learned to embrace all things that come with being a mom more and more, and am just more aware of how fast this phase will go.  With Walker, I am out and about more than with the other two, due to the big kids, and I try to look semi put together, even if its just an athleiusre look, so this week Im going to focus on some of my favorite items that keep me looking only half homeless while still allowing me to wrangle three kiddos. My new mom must haves are this weeks Friday favorites!

mom holding baby in STL hat | New Mom Must Haves

New Mom Must Haves

  1. Little Teether Necklaces – these are so cute, they honestly just look like a long necklace, but Walkers grabby little hands wont break it, and I don’t have to worry about him putting it in his mouth…after all, its what its for.
  2. Fashion Tennis shoes.  Okay shoes are my weakness for sure, but I have to say that I love that tennis shoes for daytime looks have become icreasinly popular, And my collection is ever growing.  I recently purchased these, and I am fairly obsessed!
  3. Dry shampoo –  I’ve tried them all, and this is definitely my favorite due to my dark hair and the cheap price tag.
  4. Maskara Makeup – I swear this was not asked for me to post.  I truly just love it.  One of my friends asked me to try this makeup, and I was hooked. the contour is definitely my favorite aspect, but I have loved that this summer I am able to grab one item and be on the go between the gym or pool or whatever it might be.  (it as also amazing for my hospital bag).
  5. Simple everyday jewelry.  I got this necklace after Walker was born as a gift and I literally can’t bring myself to not wear it daily.  IT’S PERFECT. Its dainty and simple so can be layered and I can wear it with all kinds of clothing.  I tend to love my Apple Watch, rings, a large fun earring, and dainty necklace.

What are you loving this week?  Do you have any fashion items that you love as a mama.  I feel like us mamas have to share our secrets on how to not look fully homeless while still only washing our hair once a week and getting ready in 10 min.

Want to check out another Friday Favorites post?  My girl Jenny just posted hers, so check it out!!



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