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Walker 1 month old - www.arinsolangeathome.comOkay so my plan is to share a little bit about Walker and his monthly happenings each month this year, but since the first month of a babies life is pretty well consumed with eating, pooping, and sleeping at the worst times possible, this month will be a bit of his birth story too!

So for starters…incase you haven’t caught on with my Instagram suddenly being pure baby spam, and my love of baby gear getting to creep back into my life – we welcome Walker John on June 22, at a whopping 8.8 lbs.  Now, Jack and Avé were nice small babies (6 lbs & 5 bs), so having a beefy baby was quite the shock for me.  I had been measuring small, and we were under the understanding Walker would follow in his siblings footsteps and exit the womb nice and tiny, thus giving my arm a break for a couple of months.  WRONG.  But we love his chunk.  And his hair.  People, I have had 2 fairly bald babies, so his hair made up for his size — kinda.

Walker 1 month old -

Labor and delivery was easy, and just like with my other two, an amazing, calm experience.  If you know me very well, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that Sam and I were cracking jokes with the nurses and doctors the whole time (and Sam was talking about hair cuts with my doctor WHILE I was pushing – he will pay for that one later).  I have loved having such calm experiences having all my babies, especially because calm isn’t really how I naturally am.

Walker 1 month old -

Overall Walker is a dream baby.  He sleeps a lot, loves his mommy, and truly rarely cries for more than a few seconds.  He wakes up once a night, and for that he will get a really nice car on his 16th birthday.  Plus he doesn’t seem to hate how often I change his outfit, so really he’s pretty great!

Walker 1 month old -

[ Total side note, but Sam thought that since we have a girl that I constantly shop for, having a boy would mean less shopping and less money.  Isn’t it so cute how you can be married to someone for so long and they still hardly know you?  Boy clothing and accessories just keep getting cuter.  The leather paci clip and all the Mocs keep showing up at my door and I have no idea how?!]

Walker 1 month old -

Walker meeting Jack and Avé was the best thing ever.  I knew Avé would be smitten but I never want to forget Jacks reaction.  When we had Avé he was too young to really get it.  This time, he was so excited.  He would not get off the bed, and HAD TO hold him non stop.  When it was time for them to leave he was so upset telling me that he needed to take him home so he could take care of him.  HEART MELT PEOPLE.  I am so happy that God blessed these littles with each other, and pray with all my heart that their friendship and love for each other lasts.


Now at one month old

Walker 1 month -


Walker is 9.14 lbs with long chicken legs, and most of his body weight in his cheeks

He loves the paci, but doesn’t need it to sleep – basically the perfect baby right? haha

LOVES bath time, and has literally loved it from the first time he got in the water. — I blame the millions of baths I take when I’m pregnant.

Is the gassiest baby I have ever had.  If that doesnt end by his teen years he will get the room in the basement for all our safety.

and really people…thats about all I can come up with…because he’s a newborn.  And the best thing about newborns is how little they do.


and a few more pictures from the hospital

Walker 1 month old - www.arinsolangeathome.comWalker 1 month old -

I loved this gorgeous robe from Pink Blush while I was in the hospital.  It was both cute and functional, and I love that I looked put together with visitors!


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