Nursing Mom Favorites

Alright so I’m always interested into what other people are loving at the moment, so I decided to start a series where you can come here and check out my current favorites.  To start it off this week I wanted to do something totally applicable to my life, so am doing my nursing mom favorites.


Okay so if you know me well you probably know that breast feeding hasn’t been a part of my motherhood journey that has come easy or gone well any of the three times.  This time has been no different, however I feel like I just try to embrace it for a time, and then thank God that my babies are healthy and we live in a time where formula is a healthy and available option for them.  That said, I have a few items that have made nursing this time around so much easier, so for the first week of my Friday Favorites I’m sharing those!

Nursing Mom Favorites -

Nursing Mom Favorites

  1. Boob Food Cookies – these are AMAZING and really did help my supply,  and were an easy way to fill my sweet tooth and fill my belly when I was too busy to remember to eat!!
  2. Covered Goods Nursing Cover – I love this!! and Love even more that it works as a carseat cover that doesn’t blow in the wind!!
  3. My YETI – I love cold water, and this encourages me to keep drinking water throughout the day.
  4. Captain Silly Pants Boppy Cover –  I LOVE this cover.  Walker is obviously a summer baby so having a muslin cover on the Boppy made it way less hot and this print is SO cute!!  Sarah, from Captain Silly Pants has offered my readers a 20% off with the code ‘walker20’.
  5. Lily Breast Pads – they are silicone and reusable and just amazing…if you nurse or plan to nurse, just do yourself a favor and get them!

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