DockATot Review

Walker is 2 weeks old (seriously…I could cry typing that) and we have been using the DockATot since the first day we got home from the hospital and let me tell you: GAME CHANGER. I wanted to write you guys a quick DockAtot review so you could see that I truly do love it!

DockATot Review -

DockATot Review -

I should preface this by saying that I didn’t want to love the DockATot.  I have had great sleepers for babies and didn’t see much point in adding in a piece of baby gear that would eventually mean teaching him not to be reliant on it.  But people… I love sleep.  Lack of sleep is the one part of having a baby that I struggle with, so I also will do about anything to get some shut eye.

DockATot Review -

Walker has been sleeping in the DockATot since the first night home and we have been getting 3-6 hour stretches already, and its truly the only place he will nap.  I love that it is so portable so I move it from our room to the living room multiple times a day for him to have a safe place to sleep.  He is using the deluxe size for 0-8 month olds.  I love that its all natural and 100% cotton, and I can wash the cover when needed. Its tested for breathability (and retested by my husband – yep really is breathable ha!), handmade in Europe, and OEKO-TEX certified.

DockATot Review -

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DockATot Review -
Perfect for Sibling Snuggles

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  1. The last picture of him all curled up in it is the cutest thing ever! And I loved the part where your husband retested the breatheability lol! I’m going to lock away this sleep aid game changer for the future 😉