Newborn Must Haves

collage of newborn baby items | Newborn Must Haves I have always been a bit obsessed with baby gear….so here I am having our third baby (and possibly last), and still buying all the new stuff that I ‘had’ to try!  I compiled a list of my newborn must haves that we will be using for the baby on the way!

  1. DockATot:  We have all seen it, and heard of it.  It’s supposed to be the best thing to make baby sleep…and I LOVE SLEEP. I also love that its a portable place to lay baby in several rooms. The DockATot is multi-functional and can work as a co-sleeper, lounger, and playtime lounger.  It’s 100% cotton, all natural, tested for breathability and OEKO-TEX certified.  I love the thought and safety that has gone into this, allowing us to have a safe place for the baby to sleep and lounge all over the house! **the link above will give you $10 off your DockATot purchase.
  2. Muslin Quilts: We are obsessed with Little Unicorn quilts, and this time around also got a darling Aden Anais quilt.  I can’t get over how great the muslin quilts are for my hot blooded babies!
  3. Binxy Baby: I am a mover.  I get out and about with my kids constantly, but now that we hit the magical #3 and I wasn’t sure where baby would go, until I found the Binxy Baby.  I love that I will have a place to put the baby safely and still have room for our actual groceries….or you know – Target dollar spot items haha.  The Binxy Baby can hold a carseat up to 50 lbs, and safely holds babies before they can sit up in the cart on their own (roughly 6-8 months).  Its safety tested and fits most carts, so you should be covered most places you go! **the link above will give you a 10% off.
  4. Covered Goods Nursing Cover: I don’t think I can take a carry on suitcase with me everywhere I go, so anything thats dual function with this baby will be my friend with 3 kiddos and one diaper bag.  I love the Covered Goods nursing covers and the fact that they double as a carseat cover – thus giving it a home when its not on me – so a total win in my book!
  5. LullaVibe:  I was at Nordstrom Rack a couple months ago and saw a mom using what turned out to be the LullaVibe.  I don’t know about you, but my kids have LOVED the vibrate sensation, and the fact that this makes it portable and able to be used in bed, their carseat, the swing, and so on is amazing to me!
  6. Sophie the Giraffe:  Because it just really is the best!
  7. Solly Baby Wraps and Swaddles:  I had a Solly Baby wrap with Avé and it was worth all the hype…so when I found out I was pregnant I knew I also needed to grab the swaddles to have more of that amazing fabric in my house!
  8. Leather Paci Clips:  They are all over right now – I purchased some from Ryan & Rose and Loved by Sophia Claire to name a couple.
  9. Wubbanub: If you plan to use a paci, I stand behind this being something you should have on hand for the first month.  Jack had a weak suck and the fact that this could sort of be propped up saved me SO much headache!
  10. Guava Lotus Travel Crib:  We have a good size SUV, but still travel with three kids is going to mean a full car.  I wanted a small, easy to use pack n play option this time around, so through all of my research decided on the Guava Lotus.  I loved that it had a conversion kit to be a basinet and not so bulky in our room those first few months, while serving its purpose as a travel crib for the coming years!
  11. Gathre Mat:  I got this to use as a play mat, a place to lay the baby when we’re outside, and as a long term investment.  I am obsessed with the fact that it can just be wiped down, is easy on the eyes, and functional! Total mom win.

I would love to hear your Newborn must haves.  I will be sure to update this list as Walker gets older on my thoughts on these products, as some of them are new to us with him!

Check out this printable baby item list for more of my must have items!


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