Pregnancy Recap

pregnancy recap -

37 weeks with miss Avé – Dress From Pink Blush

I figured since I will be welcoming baby #3 here in the next couple of weeks, I would do a little pregnancy recap!

I feel like the third pregnancy is exactly how everyone described and I didn’t believe them.  It has been a bit more taxing than my other two for sure, and although I have been overall blessed to have super healthy easy pregnancies, this one came with the most “symptoms.”

pregnancy recap
                   27 weeks
pregnancy recap -
                      30 weeks

My first trimester I was SO TIRED, and so nauseous all the time that I basically ate all the carbs, and was probably the worlds biggest B to my family, but luckily that passed and we moved into the second trimester…

pregnancy recap -
                    31 weeks
pregnancy recap -
                    32 weeks

Second trimester was FULL of migraines.  That was by far the hardest thing this pregnancy.  I spent a couple of months with them more days than not, and it was really hard for me to function well.  In an attempt to stop the migraines I even cut my long long hair to attempt to take weight off my neck.  They finally lifted and the end of the second trimester and start of the third were good.  I tend to be physically fine when I’m pregnant, and this pregnancy has been no different in that regard…I have plenty of room for baby so I am blessed in that way.

pregnancy recap -
                                33 weeks
pregnancy recap -
                             34 weeks

The last 6 or so weeks have been very exhausting.  I think the hardest part is knowing that my patience isn’t great with my kids and I hate it.  I also think at the end no matter how much weight you gain or don’t gain, you get puffy and you start to not feel great about yourself.  I am just so ready to hold this sweet baby!!

pregnancy recap -
                                  35 weeks
pregnancy recap -
                               36 weeks


I will add at the end of this: This is the first of my three pregnancies that I have taken weekly pictures at any point, and what started as a way to keep up with things for Instagram and my blog turned out to be something I will treasure, so ladies – its HARD growing a human.  It is HARD gaining weight.  It is HARD watching your body change, but you might want to take the pictures to look back on, because this sweet baby is still growing and I already love seeing the miracle unfolding!!

XO Arin

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  1. Loved hearing about your pregnancy updates! And of course all the bump shots 😉 Hopefully you don’t have to wait too much longer for you sweet baby #3. Hang in there mama!