Stylish Toy Storage On a Budget

I feel like the constant struggle in my house is how to store my kids items semi attractively, while still having them be accessible and remembering this is their house too.  We have a playroom, but the kids aren’t old enough to be downstairs alone yet (for me…because I’m crazy lol) so we still keep quite a few things on our main floor.  I decided to do a quick round up of my favorite toy/craft/book storage items I currently use to keep things organized! Read on to check out my stylish toy storage on a budget.

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Stylish toy storage on a budget | Toy Storage on a Budget

Stylish Toy Storage on a Budget | Toy Storage on a Budget

Budget Friendly Toy Storage

  1. PLASTIC BINS FROM TARGET: you can see how I used these to store my kids snacks here, and art supplies in our laundry room here, but I also uses these in our coat closet for kiddo items I don’t want out all the time. I love that they stack with the lids, are super inexpensive, and are easy to label! ( UPDATE – they don’t sell those exact ones anymore, but I now use these all over my house, garage, and one in the car to gather all the things left behind! the link has been updated )
  2. Large Wicker Baskets:  These are great for big toys or blankets.  I personally have one of each on our main floor. I have found that rolling my kids blankets in a big basket keeps things looking organized and pretty, while still functional. (blankets are all little unicorn)
  3. Book Ends: we have large built ins, so book ends work well for keeping our kids books looking like decor, and in one space.  I chose wood because they aren’t as heavy or breakable.
  4. Magnetic Locker Organizers:  This probably seems odd, but I LOVE these on our magnet boards for storing whole packs of magnets for the kids to play with, without massive amounts out all of the time.  They would work just as well on your fridge for the same purpose!! See how I used them here. (linked similar)
  5. Small Rope Baskets: I have similar baskets from the target dollar spot, but these are only a couple dollars more and so cute! I love the small baskets for the kids blocks, small balls, jewelry, animals, and so on.  (Best part about rope baskets for kids is they don’t shred shelves or tables when slid around, so they are a bit better for baskets the kids will be handling on their own!)
  6. Labeled Basket: I love my little labeled wicker basket for my kids coloring books and crayons.  (crayon storage coming up) Mine is from HomeGoods, but really any low profile wicker basket is GREAT for coloring stations.
  7. Rolling Utility Cart:  I personally have the one from Ikea, but I know that can be hard to get to.  I have kept everything from craft supplies, to now setting mine up with all the baby items.  I love that they aren’t a total eye sore, and can be rolled into a coat closet when needed!
  8. Acrylic Bathroom Organizer: I use this for my kids crayons in the above mentioned wicker basket.  It works perfect.
  9. Medium size Rope baskets:  These were hard for me to find, but I LOVE the ones I got.  Again I love rope baskets for the same reasons I mentioned in #5, but this size is perfect for all the medium sized toys. Because we own ALL the toys ha.
  10. Ikea End Table:I love this end table for blanket storage!! It opens up, the top is metal, and its definitely an ikea favorite of mine.  (check out all my ikea must haves here). ** no longer available but finding ways to turn furniture into storage is key!

kids table with wicker basket | Toy Storage on a Budget

Stylish Toy Storage on a Budget | Toy Storage on a Budget

Stylish Toy Storage on a Budget | Toy Storage on a Budget


I would love to see how you keep toys organized and hidden in your living areas!



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