iBaby Monitor Review

iBaby monitor review -
Walker is 1 month old (seriously..HOW??), and we decided it was time to set up a monitor in his room so he could start napping for more than 3 minutes at a time thanks to his noisy big siblings.  We have the other two on a split screen monitor, but knew we didn’t want to have all 3 kids on one before Walker even arrived.  The other two are getting close to the age where they don’t need monitors at all, especially Jack, so we like that we can turn the monitor off of him at night when needed now and leave our door open to hear him — this wouldn’t be an option with 3…its a 1 or all type of thing. Our decision was to try the IBaby Monitor, so I Decided after using it for a little while I would give you guys a full IBaby monitor review.

iBaby Monitor Review

iBaby Monitor -

The iBaby monitor has met and exceeded all of our expectations.  It runs on wifi to an app on our phone, so I am not carrying around an extra item which I LOVE, but we can also set it up on an iPad for our babysitter when the time comes.   It allows you to record video – so if he is half as funny as Avé is in bed I wont be taking ghetto videos like I am now.  It can also play music which is amazing, and it has a super sleek design – which if you read my blog often you know that is BIG for me.

iBaby monitor review -

Also I feel like I need to give them a shoutout because the mounts are all magnetic..and this is just everything.  I love when companies come up with smart, simple ways to make baby items more functional.  I was able to put it on Walker’s ladder storage system and love how easily that worked.

What do you look for when you’re getting baby gear?  Do you look for price/ function/ aesthetic appeal? Would love to hear your thoughts!!

XO Arin


I received free product in exchange for my review, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.  Read more here.


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